9 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

WHAT?!?!?! Single digits…where does time go?!?!?!?! Last week was the last week of school, so I am officially on summer break. WAHOO!! We are also only 6 days away from the Legend 100, which means TAPER TIME!!

Swim: 1792 yards 

All of my swimming last week was open water swimming. The first swim I did I was NOT impressed with. I barely survived about 300 yards before I decided it was time to get out of the water. I couldn’t get into a good rhythm and felt super constricted in my wetsuit. The second swim was MUCH better. I managed to swim just shy of a mile in about 25 minutes. I was super happy with this after having such a horrible swim only 2 days earlier.



Bike: 33.6 miles

I completed one ride on the trainer last week and one out on the trails with friends. Both of these rides were relatively easy and lots of fun!!


Run: 6.9 miles

I only had one run this week, but my body needed a bit of a break from running after last week’s crazy numbers!! This was an easy run with our local running group. Something we don’t get to do very often since most of our long rides are on Saturdays when the group meets to run.

Post run...
Post run…

Strength Training: 45 minutes

This was one TRX session, which was mostly core work.

Weekly Totals: 5 hours & 24 minutes

There were more workouts scheduled last week, but after having completed 22+ hours the week before and finishing up the school year last week, I didn’t feel too bad about missing a few workouts.

How was your week? What races do you have coming up?

20 thoughts on “9 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

  1. Home stretch! And happy summer break – congrats! 🙂 You are inspiring me on the swimming front…also realizing that I guess it’s like running & you have good days & bad days? Kudos for pushing through!

    1. Thanks Jennifer!! With anything in life, there are good days and bad days. We wouldn’t truly know what the good days feel like without having bad ones occasionally 😉

  2. Open water swimming looks intimidating! I’m signed up for an event in August, but am not sure I’ll showing up…eek. Congrats on surviving another school year 🙂

  3. Ah! I just signed up for Mountain Mayhem: Beat the Heat up north (Michigan). 104 miles, 7,000 feet of Michigan’s most butt-busting mountains… It’s touted as one of the hardest rides in the State. Beginning of August.

  4. Single digits!! ahhhh!!! 😉 Nice job!! I am glad that you were able to do a few OWS to get the jetters out before the big race! 🙂 Good luck with your race this weekend!!
    I have my oly race this weekend. Should be interesting to see how I do? It will be nice to have a tune up before Victoria!

  5. I just looked up your event and that looks like great practice! Cool!!! And wow, the whole single digit thing is crazy. That means MY event is getting closer and that’s scary! Ha! Looks like you’re kicking some butt, keep it up, girl!!

  6. Congratulations on summer holidays!! It must feel so good to know you don’t have work for a couple months!
    And yay for the second swim being more comfortable!
    Good luck this weekend!!

  7. I can believe you have hit the SINGLE digits. Eeeeek!!! How nice is it that you are now on summer break and can put 100% focus into your race season? You’ll be traveling to Boulder in no time. Good luck this weekend, Kecia. Let race season begin – woot woot!!!

    1. I know…eek!! The best part about being a teacher is the summer break 😉 I’m looking forward to racing and focusing these next few weeks on training before heading west!!

  8. I cannot BELIEVE you are into single digits. The fact that your race is 2 weeks before mine is totally freaking me out, ha ha! Sometimes you just need to listen to your body with all this training, and it looks like you are doing the right thing. I used to fret over missing a workout or having a crappy workout, but now I just tell myself that my body just wasn’t into it… no need to push it and risk getting injured. You are doing great!! Enjoy the taper time (which I know is a whole different animal, ha)

    1. I was freaking out a bit to see the single digits as well!! I think I’m coming to terms with it since I am doing almost 3/4 of the Ironman distance this weekend in our race. It has taken me many years to accept that it is ok to miss a workout and listen to my body instead of pushing through the workouts that are on the calendar. I can’t believe race season is upon us again. So exciting 🙂

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