The Undress Review

In November of 2014, I supported The Undress in their Kickstarter campaign. Two weeks ago, I finally received my Undress and it was well worth the wait!!


I LOVE The Undress!! Here are the benefits of The Undress that I’ve experienced in the first 2 weeks:

  1. I can change in public without actually exposing myself…YAY!!
  2. The Undress is very user friendlyΒ and makes changing easy…even when I am SUPER sweaty!!
  3. I can get out of my sweaty workout clothes immediately after a workout. When it is cooler outside, this is critical to prevent me from getting too cold and turning blue…yes, this does happen to me on occasion.
  4. I can actually look “decent” after a long, sweaty workout or race.
  5. I can even put The Undress on completely over my full piece swimsuit and take my swimsuit off at the beach instead of having to drive home in a wet swimsuit.
  6. It is reversible, so you can have two different looks if you choose to wear The Undress instead of just using it as a changing room.
  7. The Undress is made of VERY soft fabric and is VERY comfortable…so soft and comfortable I could sleep in it πŸ˜‰
  8. The Undress is reasonably priced…$75 for a reversible dress that acts as a public changing room is NOT expensive.
  9. The Undress has fun colors to choose from…soon to be even more fun colors as the new options become available.
  10. I have my own personal dressing room that travels and I can use ANYWHERE…even in public πŸ™‚

Have you heard of The Undress? Is this something you would invest in?

27 thoughts on “The Undress Review

    1. It is definitely worth the investment!! I have a “constant wish list” also…I think every time I get something off the wish list, about 10 more things are added. *sigh*

  1. I’ve heard of it. I also saw the kickstarter, but I wasn’t sure how awesome it would be. Now that I’ve seen a review, I might have to get one for myself. Trying to change out of sweaty clothes while wrapped in a towel isn’t very easy, haha!

  2. I went to the Kickstarter page and watched the video of how it works. Genius! How did you first hear about this product, Kecia? I would definitely benefit from something like this, as I often times find myself awkwardly changing under a towel in my car.

    1. A friend posted the link to my Facebook page and I but on it. I was one of those awkward people changing in the car and in parking garages as my husband would try to cover me with towels. This is SO much better!! πŸ’œ it!!

    2. Hi Kristen! We know the pain! And another great thing about The Undress, is that you CAN use it in the car as well, and even if someone happens to accidentally walk by, it’s not awkward for you or them!

    1. I love this comment! Heck, there’s nothing wrong with flashing, but hey, atleast The Undress allows you the option to flash (or not!). We designed The Undress to help beach-goers, since sometimes the bathrooms are a) FAR away b) Dirty and Wet. You can change ON the beach, effortlessly.

    1. HAHA! Jim, we actually have lots of requests for a Men’s version! I ride/race bikes as well (Crits) and I am either changing with a towel or back of the car. And, I HAVE been guilty of doing the dreaded “towel drop”. But yeah, if you can muscle it out, that’s a great option. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi everyone! Thank you SO MUCH Kecia for The Undress review! Most importantly, we are ecstatic that you LOVE IT! And, we are so appreciative of your support and patience as we start this new company. Our mission is to continue to develop and produce one of the most amazing dresses in the world, to support women in their active lifestyles and add convenience, security, and piece of mind to their activities. We have has such a great start (with some challenges as well, as you know) and our journey has only begun. It’s reviews like yours that “keep us keepin’ on” so THANK YOU again!

      1. Seriously, you rock! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help! We’d love to add you to our private Facebook group if you are interested- we’d love your feedback to help us further develop The Undress for future generations. Send a request to if you are interested. Tell them I said I invited you. Would love to keep in touch with such amazing backers/customers/partners like yourself!

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