Ready or Not, it is Time to Tri!!

Hello triathlon racing season, I am so happy to see you!! This Sunday marks my first triathlon of 2015. It is time to go big or go home…Nothing like starting with a 100 mile triathlon for the season.

At 6:36 am, I will be starting the Legend 100, which consists of a 2 mile swim, followed by 80 miles of bicycling and then 18 miles of running.


This will be a true test of where my endurance is at in preparation for Ironman Boulder. I am excited to complete a new distance…no matter what, this will be a PR race. Time to get packing and start heading towardΒ this fun finish line!!


Ready or not, it is time to tri πŸ™‚

Have you ever done a race that is not a standard distance?


18 thoughts on “Ready or Not, it is Time to Tri!!

  1. Have a great race and great weather for your long ride!! Sounds like the perfect distance in prep for Boulder! My tri a few weeks ago was different (I think but since I am so new I don’t know if it really is) since it was a double – 375 meter ocean swim, 1.5 mile run, 12.4 mile bike, 1.5 mile run, then back in the ocean for the swim again. Was a fun way to get a good workout in!! Looking forward to hearing about it!!

  2. Have a great race Kecia! I look forward to reading all about it. I have done one “non-traditional” distance and it was between and sprint and international distance. It was cool and I like the idea of mixing things up and not always following the standard distance.

  3. Good luck out there!!! This seems like the perfect distance to complete before your full Ironman – a little more challenging than a half, but not quite a full. I have never heard of this race before, but it looks like a good one. You have worked so hard this past year and are READY!!! I will be thinking of and living vicariously through you this weekend. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Kristen! This is the first year they’ve had this race and distance. This was formerly just a 70.3 mile event known as Ironman Kansas. Ironman didn’t renew their contract in Kansas this year, so the company that has been running the event for years (Legend) decided to continue to have the 70.3 mile distance and added a sprint, Olympic and 100 mile distances to the weekend festivities. It should be a fun time!!

  4. Good luck!!! You are going to do awesome!! You have been training really hard! I love that it is a random distance. I haven’t done any different distances. I do want to do Alcatraz some time. There was another distance that was a longer swim/bike and shorter run in Bend which is perfect for me but I guess IM just bought them out and it is going to a regular 70.3. Totally sucks. IM will have the monopoly soon enough!

    1. Thanks Leslie!! I’m excited for tomorrow!! Ironman bought this one out a while back, and last year didn’t renew their contract, so it is back and more diverse than ever before. πŸ˜‰

    1. It was the worst conditions I’ve ever raced in. Brutal day!! We got slapped on the swim by the water, beat up by the wind and hills on the bike and torched by the sun on the run. It was 94F with high winds until we got to the run, then we were blocked by the wind. I was hoping to finish between 9 and 10 hours, but it was over 11 😒

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