8 weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

Technically it is down to about 7.5 weeks, because I am a bit delayed on getting last week’s recap up on the blog. Last week was a taper week for the Legend 100.


4605 yards came in 2 open water swims…the first being 2.22 miles on Monday and the second being just 696 yards on Wednesday. Monday’s swim gave me the confidence I needed for Sunday’s race.

My actual swim time was 1:14:44, this time shows the minor breaks I took to talk with Allen about when we would be leaving the pits.
A beautiful morning for a swim with no one around!!


I had an easy bike ride on Tuesday that was only 22.3 miles in just under 90 minutes. Just enough to spin out the legs and get race ready.


Tuesday morning was an easy 3 mile run just to shake out the legs.

A beautiful morning to shake out the legs.
A beautiful morning to shake out the legs.

Strength Training:

30 minutes of core work was all I did for strength training last week. I wanted to play it safe and not be too tired and sore on race day.


Wednesday evening I had a pre-race massage that was very painful, but definitely needed…

Time to get the knots out before race day!!
Time to get the knots out before race day!!

Legend 100 Race:

This was the toughest race conditions I’ve ever experienced. To give you perspective, just under 200 participants started the Legend 100 distance and only 119 finished. You can read the full race report here.

Finishing the Legend 100 hand-in-hand with the Iron Hippie. Photo courtesy of Legend Endurance
Finishing the Legend 100 hand-in-hand with the Iron Hippie. Photo courtesy of Legend Endurance

How was your week? Did you experience any challenges that you overcame last week?


15 thoughts on “8 weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

  1. Wow! That is a crazy high drop out rate. Even more kudos to you guys for the finish! My second comment on that photo…get it framed!

  2. That is such a great picture! That’s a pretty small race-I love the small ones. Crazy how many had to drop out because of the conditions. If you can finish that, you’ll be able to finish ANYTHING.

  3. Wow! Your race is right around the corner! There’s a really big group from Without Limits going to race there, so be sure to look out for them! Because I’m sure you won’t be thinking about other things 😉 Some things I’ve had to deal with this week is time management and then the mental stuff from a not-so-stellar swim. Beating negativity back with a stick!
    And on another note, we have our Iowa schedule pretty much planned, assuming things go the way we plan. Hopefully we can get up to Ames unless you want to come to Des Moines on Wednesday July 8th in the morning. We are leaving Des Moines to go to Dyersville and play catch with our boys at Field of Dreams. Then we will go through Cedar Falls and UNI on our way to Sioux City.

    1. Keep beating the negativity with that stick 😉 I have it on the calendar for Wednesday, July 8 to meet up. I can come to Des Moines if it works better for you, or if you are already coming this way, I can meet you here in Ames. Either works for me! I’m excited to meet in person😊

      1. That will work perfectly!! I don’t have any plans other than meeting you. I’ll email you my phone number, so you can text/call when you are on your way or leaving 😊

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