7 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

Eeeeekkkkk!! It is time to start the FINAL build before Ironman Boulder. How did that happen?!?!?!

This week was FULL of recovery. In case you missed it, we did the Legend 100 a week ago and it took a toll on our bodies. We needed this week to recover and prepare for an Olympic distance triathlon yesterday…yes, you read that correctly. We raced again yesterday 😉


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were full of sleeping, relaxing and staying in the air conditioner to recover from the heat stroke we ended up with on Sunday. I did get a post race massage on Tuesday. It always amazes me the sore/tight muscles Nick finds that I didn’t notice were sore/tight until he massages them.

We weren't the only ones resting and relaxing. Love my girls!!
We weren’t the only ones resting and relaxing. Love my girls!!


My only workout on Thursday was TRX, which was MUCH more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

Friday I did a strength training session that was really good and then followed that up with mowing the lawn…I guess one could call that a workout, since we only use a push mower.

Saturday morning I ran EASY for 30 minutes. I was really dreading this workout, because I was afraid it was REALLY going to hurt. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. Don’t get me wrong…it didn’t feel good, just not as bad as I thought it would.


Sunday morning was, well…another race. This time it was an Olympic distance triathlon about 80 minutes from our house. It was much warmer than predicted, but still about 15F cooler than last Sunday’s race. I had an amazing bike split, but my legs definitely still felt the effects from last weekend on the run. I’ll have a full race report up on the blog this week.

Mojo is racked and ready for a much shorter day than last week!!

Weekly Totals:

Other than the triathlon, there was no swimming or cycling. Just a short shake out run on Saturday and a couple of strength training sessions…5 hours & 9 minutes…a true sign of lots of recovery this week.

Highlight of the week:

Getting my Coeur Sports delivery on Saturday…I LOVE the Monaco design and had to add to my collection. Hello #stylishspeed


How was your week? What were the highlights of your week?

18 thoughts on “7 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

  1. Somehow I missed that you were racing on Sunday…!!! When I saw it on Instagram, I tried to recall reading it. Where was I???

    Glad you took so much deserved down time. I look forward to reading your race recap!

    1. You didn’t miss anything! I kept this race under the radar. After the Legend 100, I wasn’t sure if I would be up for racing again 7 days later. I was listening to my body and letting it tell me 😉

  2. It must feel great to be heading to this last build with school out-you can focus on your workouts AND getting the rest that you need. Getting enough sleep is going to make your race day will only help!

    1. It does feel good to be going into the last build period! The best part is knowing there is still summer left after I am done with this last build and even after the race is over 🙂 In years past, my last build week has always been my first week back at school in the fall. I’m looking forward to fun and relaxation before going back to school in the fall 😉

      1. My last sentence was a bit of a blooper there…sorry. That’s right-part of the summer without intense training!! Do you have any fun plans for after the race?

      2. I’m going to visit my sister, brother in law and 3 nieces on the west coast…so excited to meet the newest one 😉

  3. Good luck as you enter the final build! Sounds like you’re right where you should be – and looking mighty awesome, I bet, in that new kit. Love it!!!

  4. Home stretch!!! You will be heading to Colorado in no time. You must be getting so excited. I can’t believe you had another race this past weekend – animal!!! 🙂

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