Really?!?!?!?! That just happened…

Tuesday morning I was very fortunate to have Dad and a family friend (Tom) kayak next to me while I swam in the lake where I grew up. It was so awesome!! As soon as I started swimming, I felt free and at peace. I LOVE open water swimming!! I was able to see the bottom of the lake for the majority of the swim…fish, seaweed, mossy covered rocks, blocks with chains attached to buoys…Bob Ross could have created many amazing masterpieces from the bottom of Lake Okoboji!! 2.6 miles later, I felt amazing and so thankful that I am able to have these awesome #swimlove experiences…

Lake playground!!
Lake Okoboji…my playground!!
Dad (blue) and Tom (gray) figuring out how to get into their kayaks.
Dad (blue) and Tom (gray) figuring out how to get into their kayaks.
Tom is in his kayak ready for me to swim.
Tom is in his kayak ready for me to swim.
Dad is getting in his kayak
Dad is getting in his kayak
Feeling so great after 2.6 miles of open water swimming at an average pace of 1:52/100 yards.
Feeling so great after 2.6 miles of open water swimming at an average pace of 1:52/100 yards.
All done do we get out of these things?!?!?!
All done swimming…how do we get out of these things?!?!?!

Wednesday morning, I was supposed to complete the following swim workout in the pool…

Warm-up: 200 swim, 4 x 50 (25 drill, 25 swim)
Main Set: 200 moderate to fast
60 sec rest
800 as 4 x 200
(200’s on 4:00- so swim faster than 4:00/200yards to get rest, leave on the 4 min interval- this should be HARD!)
60 sec rest
800 as 4 x 200 again (repeat like above)
200 easy
Cool-down: 200 easy with drills

I have successfully completed this workout many times before, but before I start, I psych myself out. EVERY. TIME. How can I swim 2.6 miles in open water remaining calm, relaxed and having fun, but I get intimidated by 200s in the pool?!?!?!?! Grrr

This was an intimidating place...
This was an intimidating place…

Do you have workouts that intimidate you? How do you overcome these feelings and get yourself mentally back on track so you can successfully complete your workout?

16 thoughts on “Really?!?!?!?! That just happened…

  1. That. Is. Awesome!
    I’m never intimidated in the pool, and apparently not in open water either. Then again, BIG water scares the crap out of me. Good thing we don’t really have big water around here. 🙂

    1. I have never been intimidated by open water…I grew up on the lake swimming in it everyday all summer long. Even with big swells, I swam!! But those 200s on the 4:00 intimidated me and messed with my mind. Ugh!! I have to get past them. I guess I’m going to have to do this workout much more frequently…

  2. I have an ab workout I do on M,W, F. I hate it! It is so dang hard. I get through it every time but I just really do not like it at all. The hardest part is getting started. I often stand by the u-shaped apparatus for minutes….just dreading what I’m about to do. Finally, I put my head down and get on it, usually in conjunction with the start of a new song on the radio. Once I get going, I am usually ok.

  3. Oh my goodness….I feel that you just read my mind SO many times with this post! It is funny how our doubts can creep in when we KNOW that we can certainly do something. I wish I could make sense of it…nice to know it is just not me though!!

  4. Looks like a gorgeous place for a swim! So nice your dad could join you! I had a set of 200s yesterday that I didn’t do. I was alone in my lane and just not feeling it, so I got out after 3 (the whole set was supposed to be 3x(3×200 where each one got faster by 10 seconds)). I think I partially psyched myself out just reading it on the board.

    1. I know exactly what you mean!! When I saw this workout on my schedule, I immediately started to psych myself out…so frustrating!!

  5. I wish I could come join you for a swim down there sometime. It sounds (and looks) amazing. Plus, what a fun activity to do with your dad 🙂

    1. Swimming at home with dad by my side is one of my favorite things!! I’m so lucky and thankful that he is willing to escort me around the lake 🙂 If you make it down this way, let me know and we will make sure to get a swim in together!!

  6. Love it!! Looks gorgeous!! I love to OWS too. It is just hard for me to push myself in OW so I like pool swimming more!! I think swimming 500s are intimidating. I just go into it like “just do what you can, keep steady, you are aloud to start off a little slow and just progressively get faster”!! 🙂 I do the same thing when I am running 1mile repeats at the track!! 🙂

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