IMBoulder Race Goals

I have been asked what my goals are for my Ironman Boulder race. Here they are…in writing…for the world to see…

Ironman Boulder

  1. Have fun!
  2. Smile throughout my entire day…even when things get difficult.
  3. Embrace the entire day!
  4. Go sub 14 hours on the day:
  • Swim = 1:20:00
  • T1 = 15:00 (or faster…I’m not sure exactly how far I’ll have to “run” to the change tent)
  • Bike = 7 hours
  • T2 = 15:00 (there is a long run to the change tent for T2…not sure where the timing mats will be)
  • Run = 4:30:00
  • Overall = sub 14 hours (this would be over a 1:15:00 PR if all falls together well)

Don't stop believing

You can track me on Sunday at the Ironman website by clicking on the live link for Ironman Boulder and going to the athlete tracker. I am race number…



22 thoughts on “IMBoulder Race Goals

  1. You’ll do the transitions way faster than 15 min, especially T1, it’s close. I think my t2 last year was 8 or so, with tip toeing on the sidewalk/bridge/track in my cycling shoes.

    Strong goals, very achievable! I will see you in T2 and maybe the finish line. My shift is 8 to midnight, so I almost hope I don’t see you because that would mean you crushed it 🙂

    1. I’m so excited to meet you as well!! See you Thursday and Sunday will be fun to cheer each other on!! I can’t wait to see you crush it!!

  2. You will be hearing me cheer for you all the way from Oregon!!! Looking forward to tracking you on race days. I think these are very realistic goals. You are definitely giving yourself a lot of time in the transitions – very conservative – do you typically change clothes? Personally, after watching how hard you have trained this year, I think IMBoulder is going to be YOUR race!! Go get it girl!!!

    1. Thanks Kristen!! It will be an amazing day!! I typically change grime my swimsuit in T1 to my tri kit, but don’t do another change in T2 😉

  3. Best of luck Kecia! You have set yourself up for success and it WILL pay off. I’ll be tracking and cheering you on from Calgary 🙂

  4. Your goals are very achievable and I know you are going to have a great race! Your training has been stellar and you are going to be rewarded for all your hard work and dedication! Like you said, have fun, but keep in mind how strong and capable you are! That huge PR is just around the corner…I know it! I will be tracking and cheering you on from Raleigh!!!

  5. Perfect goals, esoecially the first three! After following your training here and on IG, I have complete faith you’ll achieve goal four too!
    Good luck!! Can’t wait to track you on Sunday!

  6. I think those goals are total do-able. If you pace yourself and race smart I think that you will be faster than that!!! Definitely in Transitions!! Can’t wait to see you crush it!!! Sub 14 or bust…you got this!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!

    1. I will have a great day no matter what is thrown my way! I expect some down moments, but those will pass. Overall it is going to be an awesome day!!

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