Post Ironman Boulder Struggles

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t go according to plan…I am finding this out yet again. While this isn’t the first time this has happened, it is a good reminder that my body may not allow my brain to get what it wants. I had a great plan for post Ironman Boulder with a few fall races on the calendar. I am still planning to participate in these races, but I haveΒ had to make some modifications. I have been seeing Dr. Chris at Team Chiropractic for ART (Active Release Therapy) treatments on my left knee…running hasn’t been the best lately. I had no knee pain during Ironman Boulder and no knee pain during the first run post Ironman while in California, but when I came back to Iowa, my knee decided to vocalize how it really felt about me running. Let’s just say my mind and my knee are not in agreement right now. My knee screamed LOUD about how unhappy it was with me, so…

Dry needling is NOT my idea of a good time, but if it gets me running again, I'll endure the pain that comes with it!!
Dry needling is NOT my idea of a good time, but if it gets me running again, I’ll endure the pain that comes with it!!

With the Des Moines Olympic-Distance Triathlon this Sunday, Allen, the Iron Hippie and I have decided to change our individual participant status to a team status. The Iron Hippie will swim, I will bike and Allen will run. This should be a fun way for all of us to find some motivation again and hopefully keep us from further injuring ourselves…yes, I am not the only one on the injury train. 😦

I am hopeful that Dr. Chris can help get me running soon enough so that I can still participate in my fall running races, but only time will tell. Cycling doesn’t bother the knee at all, so I will do LOTS of cycling this fall, but depending on how the knee is holding up, I may have to postpone my cyclocross races, which I am VERY upset about. Come. On. Body. Cooperate. With. Me! I am VERY grateful for what it has allowed me to do and I know I should give it a break…after all, I did give it a bit of aΒ beating through Ironman Boulder. It is just so difficult when the head and body don’t agree on what is “best” for me!! My mind NEEDS exercise, but apparently my body thinks it needs a break. UGH!

For now, I will continue to do my strength training and bike my heart out with the hope that running and swimming will find their way back into my regular workout routine…sooner, rather than later would be nice πŸ˜‰

What do you do when your body and mind are not in agreement? How do you overcome struggles and setbacks in your best laid plans?

18 thoughts on “Post Ironman Boulder Struggles

  1. Ooof, sorry to hear about your knee woes. Hopefully the ART and dry needling and other techniques will allow it to heal rapidly. I feel you on the frustration with the body not cooperating 100%! And I hope that it’s sooner rather than later for you too.

    1. Thanks Kristina! It is so frustrating, but I’ve been here before and know it will get better. I just need to stay on top of my functional strength training!!

  2. Darn! I’m really sorry to hear this-perhaps you left knee and my right knee could go for drinks and figure out what they need to feel better! I understand your frustration and hope the help you’re getting makes you knee happy sooner, rather than later. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Amy! A drinking party might be a great alternative to exercise…sometimes all of the world’s problems are solved with a drink or two πŸ˜‰ Hopefully you are getting back on track with your knee as well!!

      1. I am thanks! My spin/TRX class starts next week-I’m nervous, but know it will help get me on the road back to fitness πŸ™‚

  3. Our bodies are sometimes smarter than we are! My unsolicited advice is a couple weeks of total rest and then ease back into it. My house/garage/yard are never cleaner then after a big event. You will come back stronger and even more motivated. Trust me, I’m really old and know these things!

  4. Fingers crossed you heal quickly – but in the meantime, enjoy the rest!! If you’re body is asking for you, it’s always good to listen.

    But as to your question about what I do when body and mind aren’t on the same page…that’s still a battle for me. Let me know what you come up with, ’cause I could also use some sage advice!!

  5. OH dang!!! Well I hope you recover soon that is no fun being injured especially since you don’t really know what happened!! I know its tough but better to get better now than to train through it!!! I think a relay will be perfect for you guys and super fun!!!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I woke with a sore throat and stuffy head. I’m falling apart! I hope this summer cold doesn’t get worse or hold me back tomorrow. Injury during the off season is the way to go if it has to happen…

  6. Sometimes listening to our bodies is for the birds and I don’t always do the best in doing just that, just good luck in getting past this bump in the road. I know you will ultimately do the best thing, but if you have to spend some extra time focusing on the bike…that’s not always a bad thing!

    1. I’m taking it as easy as I can mentally handle it. It’s a good thing I Love my bike! We are spending a lot of quality time together lately πŸ˜‰

  7. It seems like this is very common after racing in a huge event, like an Ironman. I have had friends whose bodies will stay strong and willing until the race is over, and then the training/racing catches up with them. Like post marathon blues, I truly believe our bodies go through post-race recovery where problems creep in almost instantly as though to let the mind know – slow down and let me heal! Hopefully this will only be temporary for you and you will be back out there in no time. Lots of biking during the fall sounds pretty nice, in my opinion! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m looking forward to a good fall with lots of wonderful possibilities! Training and racing does near the body down and recovery is needed…I just wish recovery didn’t have to take so long πŸ˜‰

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