Back on the Train

You may recall that I fell off the train in December, but I am pleased as punch to say that the train picked me back up when it came back through in January!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.03.45 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.04.00 PM

Look at all of the green in Training Peaks! We have started our Ironman Wisconsin 2016 journey with a #bikeblocktraining focus for the month of January. What does this mean for each discipline?!?!?!


I have only visited the pool one day a week for the month of January. This was somewhat intentional. In January there tends to be more people at the pool (which is awesome), but with such limited hours for lap swimming at the local pool, it makes more sense for me to go only one day per week in January. I must say, I am looking forward to increasing my time in the water and super excited to try out my new swim caps…hello swim motivation!!

Fun new swim caps for swim motivation and more #swimlove
Fun new swim caps for swim motivation and more #swimlove


I have been doing LOTS of cycling so far in the month of January…7 rides a week with one rest day each week, means every Wednesday I get a double dose of #bikelove! I’m working on bike strength and trying to improve my power output. Wow…what a slow process that is! It has given me a lot of time to spend with my new Cobb Cycling saddle, and bike fit, which I am lovin’!

My new Cobb Cycling V-Flow saddle :)
My new Cobb Cycling V-Flow saddle 🙂


I am finally getting some run miles in…not many, but it is a start 🙂 I have only ran a few times in the last 3+ months and so far, it is feeling good! I am excited to get back to a more regular training schedule so that I can run more and find that #runlove that feeds me!

30 easy minutes is a start!
30 easy minutes is a start!


I have been doing strength training 3 days a week and just recently increased my weights…hello DOMS!! It feels good to be getting stronger 🙂



Reacquainting myself with my mat has been AH-MAZ-ING!! I definitely missed my dates with mat 😉 I need to incorporate more stretching into my workout routine and hot yoga has felt so awesome since our wind chill temperatures have been -31F lately!! A hot room, a good stretch and lots of sweat on a COLD winter day = motivation to go outdoors to get to the yoga studio 🙂

Rekindling my relationship with my mat! #yogalove
Rekindling my relationship with my mat! #yogalove

How has your training been since the start of 2016? What keeps you motivated to complete your workouts through the winter months?

15 thoughts on “Back on the Train

  1. Of course, your idea of “falling off the train” is everyone else’s idea of hardcore training. Just a matter of perspective. I am way off the train, but looking more towards exercise as a part of my lifestyle. I’m getting there, but it is hard since I tend to be an all or nothing type of person…

    1. While you would be accurate normally, in December I did almost no exercise for the entire month 😂 Finding my groove again took some work. I know what you mean on the all or nothing front. I’m the same way!

  2. Yay for getting your groove back!! Green is good 😉

    I’ve been rocking the consistency in exercise too and am seeing some positive results from it. I’m not expecting a perfect body, but one of my problem areas is shrinking, my energy is improving, and I’m just happier.

    I hear you about missing running-I don’t know if I’ll ever reach the place where I can just run whenever for however long I want, but I can get even a little done pain-free, I’ll be thankful 🙂

  3. Congrats on such a solid month of training! That’s a great way to start out the year, so well done. I’m seriously impressed with the amount of time in the saddle. I have yet to reacquaint myself with my bike in 2016, but it should happen before the month ends. And then it will be a long, slow process of building back that bike fitness. And other fitness too!

  4. Looking good!!! I can’t believe its January and training is in full swing! I’ve been doing a bunch of yoga too which has been good!
    I’ve been training but I start getting “serious” February 1st!! Getting excited!! Nervous but excited!! Speaking of I need to set up my trainer for the morning!!
    The same motivation for getting through the winter months as the summer months: eye on the prize. The big show that just happens to be in September this year!

    1. Yoga is awesome!! I’d love to do more, it is just so expensive. Training isn’t in full swing yet, just getting a bike block in to refocus yes and get us moving before we start a more serious training plan on February 1.
      I hope you have your bike set up, ready to ride! September will be here before we know it! Keep the eye on the prize 😉

      1. Here is my solution to yoga: it is $5 a month unlimited access to her videos. I didn’t think i would do the videos at home but I love these. some are shorts and some are long. They are very much geared toward the athlete.
        Didn’t get my bike set up. My tires are fflat/my Zipp wheels are still on my bike and i have a hard time pumping them up//plus i have a Cervelo that the back wheel is annoying to take off so needless to say there were a lot of f-bombs fflying around!! #triathleteproblems Tomorrow is the day!! 😉

      2. Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out! Sometimes swearing is the best solution when frustrated 😉 I hope it goes better for you tomorrow!

  5. Great start to January! My focus has been one swimming three days a week with two spins and runs a week. Also, super heavy focus on stretching, foam rolling and yoga. I don’t go to a yoga class, but have videos that I use or stream on You Tube. You don’t always have to pay for yoga….check out You Tube! Lots of great videos there of varying lengths and targeting certain areas. My current motivation is getting my legs healthy and ready for a season of running (while keeping them happy)! Also wanting to improve on my swim! Great start to 2016 Kecia!

    1. I could definitely do yoga from YouTube videos, but I’m not very disciplined in doing so. Maybe that should be something I work on in 2016 😉 stretching is a definite must for me this year!!

  6. I wonder why there are more people in the pool during the month of January? New years resolutions? I like going to the pool with my husband (so we can share a lane) or during the quiet hours of the day. I’m really not a fan of sharing a lane with strangers, but only because I am slow and feel pressured to keep up the pace. Ha – maybe this would be a good thing for me.

    Knowing that I want to create a strong base for when things begin to pick up in the spring keeps me motivated during the winter months!

    1. My best guess is the New Year’s resolutions, but it could be people polishing off their swimming in preparation for Spring Break as well. I just don’t know.

      Swimming in a lane with others pressures me to keep up; after all, I am a competitor by nature and it even shows up in my lap swimming.

      Yes, we are all working toward our dreams, so building base now is putting money in the race bank 😉

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