My Passion for Endurance Sport

It is no secret…I love endurance sport! The question to ask would be where did this passion come from? I did not grow up participating in sports…unless you consider cheerleading a sport. My parents were not athletic role models. My sisters did not participate in sports. So, where did this passion for endurance sports come from?

In 2004, I went through a divorce and made a drastic decision…I was going to run the Dam to Dam 20K race. I was not a runner. I was determined that I was going to run 12.4 miles. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! It turns out my mind knew something my body didn’t…I started running and I was hooked! You could say I transformed into Forrest Gump just a bit…I ran that 20K and then decided I was going to run a marathon and then a few more marathons. After crossing the finish line of multiple marathons, it was time to try a sprint-distance triathlon. I grew up swimming, I knew how to ride a bike (although my bike at the time was definitely not a bike to race with) and I had been running consistently for a few years. Crossing that finish line of my first sprint-distance triathlon was amazing! I was on cloud nine and was riding the endorphin train! I decided it was time to take on a more challenging distance, so I opted for an Olympic-distance triathlon before trying my cards at a half-Ironman distance triathlon. But why stop there?!?!?! How about the Ironman-distance triathlon???? Could I do it? Again I thought, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!” But after crossing that finish line, I was hooked!

So what hooked me in endurance sport?

  • As a life-long-learner, I find satisfaction in trying to solve a problem. How do I become a better athlete? What have I learned from my mistakes? How have I grown into a better person through all of this?
  • The variety in training and racing…I love not doing the same thing every day. Finding balance in life is sometimes difficult, but triathlon gives me balance in my workout schedule and prevents monotony.
  • I thrive on pushing myself to new limits…I want to see just how far I can go and what I can do. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is always something I push myself to try and achieve.
  • Overcoming challenges is so rewarding…when I do something that once seemed impossible, the feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, satisfaction, pride, and happiness are beyond amazing!
  • I love the feeling of success…when I finish a tough workout, when I cross the finish line of a race, when I conquer my fears, when I do the impossible.
  • I thrive on structure…having races on the calendar gives structure to my racing, having workouts in Training Peaks gives structure to my weeks and months, having structure gives me focus.
  • The fun factor brings a smile to my face and my heart…
This smile sums up my race day experience!!
This smile sums up how I feel about endurance sports!!

I am beyond blessed and lucky to be a part of the Coeur Sports team again in 2016. I share the same mission as Coeur Sports. Our mission is to share our passion with other women and enCOEURage them to participate in endurance sports. I want all women to love endurance sports as much as I do! I want to see women’s triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running grow into epic numbers! I want to inspire more women to experience the happy heart that I experience when I SBR!

I. Love. Endurance. Sports! What is your favorite endurance sport? What hooked you in endurance sports? How do you share your passion for endurance sports with others?

17 thoughts on “My Passion for Endurance Sport

  1. I love this! Sounds so familiar except I was always a recreational runner and have always loved to run. I signed up for a marathon on a whim in 1998, and there it began. Go big or go home, right? That was my plan when I finally decided to conquer my fear of swimming when I turned 40. Why do sprint and oly tri’s?? Might as well just go for the big Ironman! I love the challenge, not having to do long runs in the summer (Yay for biking and swimming!), and meeting all sorts of amazing people in both endurance sports. I share my loves through my blog and talking just a little bit about it on my Facebook page. Anyway, it’s always interesting to see how people get into it!

    1. So true Kelli! Go big or go home!! How awesome that you signed up for your first marathon in 1998?!?!?! Conquering fears is what is so exciting! I love to follow your journey and am excited to see where endurance sport takes you next!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear to hear about your divorce-that must have been a tough time. I started running to complement my competitive fencing, but soon fell in love with running because of the freedom it gave me. I turned to triathlon because of the challenge-plus I found the tri community SO friendly and supportive.

    1. It was a tough time, but endurance sport kept me sane! I too love the friendliness and support of the triathlon community! What an amazing bunch!!

  3. Many of your reasons resonate with me (setting goals, developing new skills, learning about a new area, connecting with new people), and my other reason for enjoying endurance sports – I really like the time it gives me to just think, to let my mind wander and to daydream a bit (or a lot, depending on the workout). I know that there are times that you have stay focused, but I also appreciate long rides and runs when I can just let my thoughts wander.

  4. Great post!! Love endurance sports…obviously!! I’m kind of like you. I was never a big sports person. I did play golf for a few years which was fun! On a whim I started to run…and really haven’t looked back!! 😉

    1. Golf…I’ve tried that, but am not any good and I just get frustrated when the ball doesn’t go where I want it to 😂 Thanks Leslie!

  5. I loved reading this post and learning more about how you got “bit by the bug”. I did not grow up in sports either and my husband was the first to experience triathlon as an athlete while I was supporter. After reaching the goal of finishing my first sprint tri, I loved having these new goals that pushed me outside of my comfort zone while becoming a healthier person. Training keeps me happy and grounded. Thanks for sharing your story of passion since it is something we share!

    1. It is fun to learn how others got into endurance sport! Thanks for sharing, Lee! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one to grow up in a sport-less environment 😉

  6. Fun to read your post because I had actually been thinking a lot about that too. Except I’ve always loved all sorts of repetitive motion sports and crafts too. I find that swimming, biking & running help me get away from myself in a way. So relaxing to just go and go. Not that different than knitting but much better scenery!

  7. I was so excited to read more about how you stumbled upon endurance sport. It’s always inspiring to read others stories about WHY they put in the time and effort to train and race. I started out as a runner, like you, and kept looking for new challenges. During a vacation with my husband, back when we were just dating, we turned on the TV and the Ironman World Championships was being televised. After watching, I turned to my husband and said, I am going to do an Ironman one day. 🙂

    1. You’re right!! It is SO fun to know the WHY for others!! What motivates them, drives them, and feeds them to train and race! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I feel so much of the same about running. It’s funny because I totally get what you said about being a lifelong learner and yet I’ve never made the connection that it’s one of the reasons I love to train so much!

    1. Sometimes it takes a unique experience or someone else to make those connections for us. As a lifelong learner, I find joy in why others do endurance sports. So fun! Thanks for sharing

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