Strong Girls = Strong World

“I encourage you to join me in embracing YOUR body, maximizing and celebrating your own strengths, letting go of the “imperfections,” and making the most of the incredible body you already have.”  ~Kara LaPoint

If you are a woman, have a mother, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, or any woman in your life that you love and care about, Kara’s blog post on fitspiration is a MUST read!! After reading this blog post, I was inspired to embrace myself and encourage others to embrace themselves!! We are our own unique selves and we should not compare ourselves to others. We all have AMAZING bodies that allow us to do so many wonderful things and it is time to embrace that, not be critical of it!!

I want my nieces to grow up feeling confident in their skin, being thankful for their health, and loving the adventures their bodies take them on!! After all, STRONG GIRLS = STRONG WORLD 🙂

We are a family of STRONG GIRLS!!
We are a family of STRONG GIRLS!!

My body is healthy and perfect for all of the adventures I’ve had and those yet to come:

Acting like a 6 year old is sometimes more costly than one might think...
Acting like a 6 year old and jumping on a trampoline = FUN!!
I have swam thousands and thousands of miles over my lifetime and I can’t wait to swim thousands and thousands more!!
I love to ride my bicycle…even during a tough time trial!!
Having fun at a cyclocross race!!
I love the challenge and fun of a cyclocross race!!
This smile sums up my race day experience!!
Running and racing makes me happy!! The smile says it all 🙂
Color Run Fun with the FAM :)
Color Run Fun with the FAM 🙂
I have crossed lots of finish lines…some of them once seemed impossible. I get giddy thinking of all the finish lines I have yet to cross!!
I love to play in the snow!!
Some finish lines that I’ve crossed have been much more challenging than others. This was a tough day, but knowing I overcame challenges was AMAZING!!
Stand-up paddle boarding in Lake Estes, CO :)
I love being on the water!! Stand-up paddle boarding is so much fun!!
Taking a break from the riding and doing a little core work in Ward!!
Who says adults can’t have fun?!?! Taking a break mid ride to have some fun and work the core is perfect!!
Hiking up to Loch Vale.
I love being in nature and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park makes my heart happy!!
Coming into the finish shoot all was a daylight finish, but these photos don't represent that.
Another finish line crossed and a PR was achieved!!
Spending time in the saddle with family is the best way to spend the afternoon!!
Snowy adventures with my girls = #happyheart
Love me some hot yoga!! Stretching and sweating = da bomb!!

What awesome adventures has your body taken you on? How do you help promote self confidence and gratitude in girls of all ages?

11 thoughts on “Strong Girls = Strong World

  1. Though not related to fitness, I know my body is strong because she carried and gave birth to three beautiful, healthy children 🙂

  2. You definitely love life!! Just beaming in all of those photos!! What awesome adventures you have had!!! Always more to come too!!
    My body has taken me on so many adventures from long walks on the beach to finishing Ironman triathlons!

    1. Life is amazing and so much fun, Leslie!! It is great to think about all of the awesome adventures we have gone on!! I am so excited for those adventures yet to come!!

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