40 before 40

Spending my first week of 39 relaxing on spring break at home gave me time to think about what I want to do and accomplish as I travel around the sun for the last time in my 30s. In the last 39 years, I have overcome many obstacles and have had many accomplishments, but there are so many more accomplishments yet to be had. It is time to start emptying out my “someday drawer” and start turning dreams into reality. So here is a list of accomplishments I am looking to achieve this coming year. Some new and some just more of what I love and enjoy. Some getting me closer to achieving big dreams and some don’t relate to big dreams at all.

  1. More time with my faves!                             IMG_8040
  2. More time with family and friends.
  3. Enjoy more dog cuddles.
  4. More SUP!
  5. More snow shoeing.
  6. Swim like a fish this year!
  7. bike, Bike, BIKE!!
  8. Find my run speed again.
  9. Remain injury-free by incorporating functional strength consistently into my workout routine.
  10. More fun!   IMG_4282
  11. Not take myself so seriously.
  12. More time trial racing.
  13. More simplicity.
  14. Take more pictures.
  15. Color more.
  16. More yoga.
  17. Push my limits more.
  18. Try new things.
  19. Embrace “courage over comfort” in all aspects of my life.    Brene Brown
  20. Work hard to achieve dreams!
  21. More camping.
  22. Read more books.
  23. Sub 6 hour at Milkman Triathlon (70.3 race).
  24. Sub 13 hours at Ironman Wisconsin.
  25. More memories, less stuff.
  26. More joy.
  27. Be present…don’t focus on the past or the future. Focus on the here and now.
  28. Strive to be the best version of myself everyday.
  29. More play!
  30. More dog walks.
  31. More sole sister sweat.   My #solesister believes in me...deep underneath the surface at the very core of my being. She encourages, inspires and motivates me to always do and be my best. I can not wait for the day when she not only experiences my training journey, but also experiences race day with me.
  32. Encourage more women in endurance sport.
  33. Less negativity, more positivity.
  34. More naps.
  35. Do a Du…duathlon that is.
  36. More learning and growing.
  37. More inspiring.
  38. Believe in myself, my abilities, and my training at the very core of my being.
  39. More smiling 🙂     IMG_4634
  40. Enjoy life everyday!



12 thoughts on “40 before 40

  1. I love this list! Well…all except for the camping, but whatever rubs your Buddha 😉 Have a great 40th year Kecia.

    1. It is a big list, but a lot of these I do on a regular basis. I thought specifically of you with “smile more.” You are always in the back of my mind as a reminder “to measure my success by the size of my smile.” 😃

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