22 weeks ’til IMWI: Resistance

The theme for this week was resistance. It came in many forms, some of them external factors, but most of them were in my own head…in my control, but I let them win. This week, I was lacking motivation, willpower, self-control, determination, and the desire to do what I needed to do to reach my goals and dreams. I know there are going to be days when life throws me curve balls, but I need to learn to hit them out of the park and not let them win!!


When the alarm went off at 4 am, I sat up, put my feet on the ground and could barely turn my head. WHAT?! Did I sleep wrong? Was it from “reviving” Annie yesterday? Needless to say, I decided not to make it worse by doing strength training. I laid back down and went to sleep for 2 more hours. I had a stiff neck all day, and it hurt to turn my head. After work I met a personal training client and then went home to ride. There was an easy recovery ride on the schedule for after work, and despite my stiff neck, I decided to give it a try. I could just sit, spin the legs, and not ride in aero if needed…this is exactly what I did.



I was hoping that I would wake up and be able to turn my head so I could go swim, but that didn’t happen. 😦 When I woke up, it still hurt to turn my head, so it was another morning of sleeping in. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a workout in after work because my Dad was coming to visit and stay with us for a couple of days, so today would be an unintentional rest day. After work I picked up our CSA…this was the first week and a sure sign that spring is finally coming!! YIPPEE!! Dad, the Iron Hippie and I went to The Cafe for dinner. They change up their menu every few months and buy local as much as possible. When we eat out, this is one of my favorite places to go! After dinner, we stopped by and visited some friends before going home and chatting.



When I woke up at 4 am this morning, my neck was much better (I could turn my head, but still felt some lingering tension and pain), but I opted for one more morning of rest instead of running and making it worse. I rolled over and went back to sleep until 6 am. After work, I ran an errand (hoping to beat Dad back to our house after his full day of work down in Waukee, but that didn’t happen), made dinner and relaxed with Dad and the Iron Hippie as we watched movies well past our normal bedtime.



You guessed it…we slept in again this morning. Although we rarely get up early on Thursday mornings anyway. After a full day of work, I met a personal training client before heading home for an easy recovery ride that was followed up with TRX and a few minutes of relaxation and blogging before heading to bed. Resistance came in the way of indulging in too many monster cookies after TRX. 😦

I look so much faster than I really was.
I look so much faster than I really was.


Hello 6 am alarm clock…I guess I am human, since I’ve slept in every morning this week. There was no morning workout scheduled today, so 6 am alarm clock was to be expected. After a full day of work, I thought about going to swim, but instead went home to start enjoying “girls weekend.” The Iron Hippie went to visit his parents this weekend, so the girls and I had the house to ourselves this weekend! I finished some course work for my Living Brave Semester with Brene Brown, took my girls for a walk, watched a movie, and worked on this blog post. It was a nice and relaxing evening 🙂



We started the day with a FREEZING 5 mile run…just the girls. As soon as I got home, it was time for a scalding HOT shower. I was so cold!! After eating breakfast, I took a nap and then had a productive afternoon of laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming, reading up on self-control and willpower, watching movies, and snuggling with my girls. It was a great day to stay inside because Mother Nature still seems to think it is winter here.




Starting at about 2 am Basil continuously woke me up because she had an upset tummy. There wasn’t much sleep after 2 am. I spent most of the morning snuggling with her as I planned for the coming week in my Spark Notebook. The Iron Hippie came home at about 10:15 am, which was perfect timing for him to unload his car, eat lunch, and arrive to our a swim analysis at noon. I have only had one really good swim since my last swim analysis where I’ve seen improvements in my times and felt like my form was spot on. The rest of my swims haven’t been very good, so I was really looking forward to being analyzed again to hopefully start to see more improvements in my swim efficiency and times. Somehow I’ve lost my catch. I am creating more resistance than I need to be by pushing the water down to the bottom of the pool instead of pushing it toward the back wall. I have a lot of work to do this week before we meet with Coach Hansen again this coming Saturday!


Swim Analysis
Where’s my catch?!?! Grrr!!


Weekly Totals: 4:12:00

Swim: 2000 yards
Bike: 21 miles
Run: 5.01 miles
Strength Training: 45 minutes

Quote of the week:

“By embracing resistance as a necessary part of the journey to reach your goals, you escape its powerful grip and free yourself to focus on the work you need to do.” ~Ro McGettigan-Dumas

How was your week? What resistance do you encounter? How do you overcome resistance?

14 thoughts on “22 weeks ’til IMWI: Resistance

  1. Too bad it was a bit of a bummer of a week! My hamstrings have been giving me lots of resistance lately with some of the new stuff the trainer has me doing 😉 I hope this week is a winner for you.

    1. Thanks Amy! I’m determined that this week will have less resistance 😉 I hope your hamstrings start to develop muscle memory and are less resistive for you!

  2. Trying to focus on the positive has been my “thing” lately. Life happens, for sure, and I am trying to keep my eyes on the good and learn from the bad, but not let it consume me.

    I can really relate to your swim comments. Keep up the work!!!!

    1. I’m really trying to focus on the positives and find the good in everything. Learning lessons is part of life and why I keep moving forward. The swim focus has been a struggle, but when it eventually falls together, it will be worth it!

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough week, but it happens. You made the best of it and hopefully you’re feeling ready to rock it this week (with warmer weather than last week, at least here in Chicago!). Be strong!

    1. It was a rough week, but I’m definitely ready to rebound strong this week! I’m looking forward to the nicer weather after tomorrow 🙂 Thanks Lauren!

  4. We need the rough weeks so we can sail through the easy ones and fully appreciate them, right? My resistance last week came in the form of having to unexpectedly say goodbye to my best friend, Vivaldi the Super Pup. I’m so glad your puppers is feeling better. Hug those girls extra close!

    1. The rough weeks definitely make us appreciate the easy ones. I’m SO sorry for your loss!! I hope you find peace with all the memories you shared!! *hugs* Our dogs are definitely family and I will hug them both extra long just for you!! 💜

  5. I have never had my swim stroke analyzed – but think it would significantly help. I swear, every time I swim I have people critiquing me and telling me what I could be doing better (I must look like a mess when I’m swimming). It gets to the point where I’m trying to change so many things and listen to so many recommendations, that I fall apart. When I focus on my catch, my breathing gets off or my head rises or my kick is messy…. that’s the thing with swimming. I wish I knew how to do everything right at the same time! haha

    1. Me too!! I have spent most of my free time today (which hasn’t been much) watching videos of Michael Phelps and trying to get his swim stroke engrained in my head for when I go back to the pool in the morning. I keep telling myself, “be patient little grasshopper.” I know it will all fall together someday, but I really can’t wait for the effortless swimming that Coach Hansen refers to!!

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