A Day in the Life: Mundane Monday

I’ve decided to do a “Day in the Life” post for each day of the week, but am doing one day each week for 7 weeks. Who has the time to sit down and write up all 7 days in one week?! Not me!!

Monday’s are pretty consistent for me with the following schedule:

4 am alarm clock…quickly change, brush teeth, and head for the gym

4:30 am…1 hour strength training session at the gym


5:30 am…head home to potty and feed the dogs, shower, blend up a smoothie, and start a load of laundry

6:30 am…arrive at school to update my Believe Training Journal, write my gratitudes in my SparkNotebook, prepare for my day with students, and lesson plan for the rest of the week. I also made some copies of a conduction worksheet for the students this morning.

8:00 am…The bell rings for the start of my day with students. We have 15 minutes of homeroom to start the day, followed by 9 class periods. Six of these are teaching science. Today’s lesson was on thermal energy and heat transfer through conduction. One period is my prep and today I had 2 study hall periods as well. Teaching 8th graders makes every day and class period different. They sure keep me on my toes!!

3:15 pm…The bell rings to dismiss students for the day. At this point, I leave school right away and go to city hall to meet a personal training client.

3:30 pm…I train Ms. Julia

4:30 pm…I head home, quickly change clothes, and throw the clothes from the washer into the dryer…this week we had a kink thrown in our routine. Our street has been torn up and we have to park a block away and walk through our neighbor’s yard to get to and from our house. Hello extra commute time (although only a few extra minutes)!


4:50 pm…Time for a 75 minute recovery ride. This is when the Iron Hippie and I chat about our day, our week, any scheduling conflicts we may encounter for the week, etc.


6:05 pm…Eat dinner (today was left over breakfast for dinner), shower, do dishes, finish laundry, and prepare for tomorrow by laying out my work and workout clothes and packing my lunch.

7:30 pm…Lay in bed snuggling with my girls, while a read for 20-30 minutes. Today I read Elite Minds: Creating the Competitive Advantage by Stan Beecham. I’m loving this book and highly recommend it!

8:00 pm…Lights out!!

What does a mundane Monday look like for you? How do you fit everything into your Monday?

8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Mundane Monday

  1. Mondays are my rest days, so I tend to focus on work, running errands, and catching up on everything else in my life. I still can’t believe you go to bed at 8!!! When it is light out during the summer, how do you fall asleep? Do you have blackout shades?

    1. Rest days are awesome for catching up on life! When we get one every couple of weeks, they are typically Fridays. We LOVE the 8 pm bed time! We do have blackout shades! In the summer we often are up until 8:30 though. The outdoor pool doesn’t open until 6 am, so we sleep in until 5 😂

  2. That is a great schedule! I need to start doing something different by either getting up early to get some exercise in or try to become an evening exerciser. I’m so exhausted from the kids every night that I crash in bed and just watch tv from 7:30 on. If I want to run on trails/dirt to help my knees or build my cycling skills, I must do this stuff either before the kids get up or after they’re in bed.

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