2016 Intentions Check In #2

Where has time gone?! It is hard to believe that 2016 is already half over! It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down to write about my intentions for 2016 and now we are already half way through the year!

  1. #Believe…I have made progress with this intention, but still have room for growth. I think this is one area I will ALWAYS have room for growth. When things get tough in training, work, or life, I turn to #courageovercomfort to bring me focus on believing in myself. So far this year, it has helped bring me focus and redirected my self confidence to where it should be…to a place where I #believe in myself much more.
  2. Break down barriers…I am pleased as punch to have our ladies only bike rides started! The ultimate goal is to host these rides weekly, but for this year, we will be meeting once a month. Our first ride was a HUGE success, which you can read more about here. Thanks so much to Coeur Sports and Kyle’s Bikes for their support to help make this event successful!! Yay for encouraging more women in cycling, helping them gain confidence on their bike and on the roads, and helping them learn basic bike maintenance!! I am definitely looking forward to ladies night #2 on Monday, July 11 at 5:30 pm (location to be determined)…local ladies, mark your calendars!!We made it to Slater!
  3. Be present…I really struggle with this one! I have a VERY hard time focusing on the here and now. I often find myself thinking about the past or the future. I have not yet incorporated meditation into my weekly routine, but it is in my planner for July…30 days of meditation, here I come! I’m hoping after 30 days, it will become a habit! Yoga always seems to help with this…I just need to carve out more time to spend with my mat!
  4. Find Balance…I set out to find balance more with the emotions that I direct at myself than other parts of my life. Thanks in part to my Living Brave Semester with Brene Brown, I have been doing a much better job of focusing in on how I am feeling, why I am feeling a certain way, giving myself permission to be human, and how to forgive myself for being human and making mistakes. I am pleased that I’ve been able to keep these habits in play even though the class has concluded.

Did you set goals or intentions for yourself for 2016? If so, have you checked in with these goals or intentions lately? What progress are you making toward achieving your goals or intentions?

6 thoughts on “2016 Intentions Check In #2

  1. That is so good of you to lead the women’s rides-I wish I could join in! I’m glad your intentions are coming along well, but being present is so tough. Good Luck!

    I’ve had a big change lately with giving up triathlon, but my new intention is to give cycling my 100% BEST effort. It’ll be tough to not look backward at the running fun I used to have and all I wish I done differently to treat my knee better.

    1. It has been fun to host the women’s ride! Being present is tough, but it would be so worth it if I can figure it out! There are always the “what ifs” and “I wish I would have,” but we can’t live in the past, instead we need to build a solid future. With some patience, lots of saddle time, and support, I hope you find true #bikelove because it is fabulous!!

  2. I love the idea of a women’s ride! I need to look around and see if there’s anything like that near me…I’m a chicken on my bike, but I think a group would help with confidence. Kudos to you for making it happen!
    I check in on my goals monthly. Now that we’re at the six month mark, its time for me to start reevaluating a couple of them. At the beginning of the year, I was too new to realize what I didn’t know, and made a couple goals that aren’t in my grasp yet, and to try would probably be damaging. Flexibility is key!

    1. The women’s ride has been a lot of fun! I’m happy to be able to encourage more women in sport!

      It is definitely important to be flexible with goals, so reevaluating them is critical to achieving success!!

  3. I love that you organized a women’s ride. My friend who works at a local bike shop is doing something similar and I am SO happy about it. I have a lot of thoughts on the subject and I’m considering a post but I just wanted to tell you how much I think it rocks that you did that.

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