10 weeks ’til #IMWI: Consistency

This week was all about reacquainting myself with consistency! I thrive on consistency and routines, so it was key for me to make rebuilding consistency a priority this week.


Yay for early morning gym sessions!! I’ve REALLY missed these over the last 3 weeks and was so giddy to be back at it!! Even though I am on summer break, I still try to keep a pretty consistent schedule when I am home, so 4 am alarm clocks still happen…even when I could sleep in 😉


I spent most of the day deep cleaning the house and also mowed the really brown lawn to even it out. We NEED rain BADLY!! Around 3:30 pm I loaded the car, picked up OJ at her house, picked up the Iron Hippie from work, and we all went down to ride the High Trestle trails after work. It was a beautiful night to ride, and we were so happy that OJ asked us to ride with her! Thanks OJ! We are looking forward to doing it again soon!



Hello early morning lap swim!! I’ve REALLY missed you the last few weeks!! Traveling did not allow me to get some quality time with you, but I’m baack!! I had a GREAT swim this morning!! I saw swim times I’ve never seen before in a 50 meter pool…it might have helped to have OJ swimming in the lane next to me. She was pushing me without even knowing she was 😉


I spent the rest of the day deep cleaning the house. The Iron Hippie and I had a meeting for our local running group at 5:00 pm, so we went to that, picked up our CSA, and came home to finish cleaning the house. It felt really good to have a super clean house again (where all of the furniture gets moved to clean the floors as well)!


Good morning swimming pool!! It was another great morning for a swim on the long course!!


I met a personal training client in the morning, took the dogs for a walk, took an afternoon nap, and was recharged ready to ride when the Iron Hippie came home from work.



We woke up early for some speed work at the track. There was some thunder and lightening off in the distance, so we weren’t sure if we would get our full workout in, but decided to give it a try. Unfortunately for the plants, it didn’t rain (I swear there is a bubble around Ames…it rains around us, but not on us!), but that means we got our full track workout in. This workout really made me step out of my comfort zone!


I had very little on the schedule for today and fully enjoyed it! After the Iron Hippie came home from work, we completed our hour ride (with 21 minutes of continuous hill climbing) before going to TRX and celebrating a friend’s birthday.


I worked with a personal training client in the morning and taught TRX again today. Overall, today was a FULL day of running errands…the pharmacy, Target, the grocery store, the dog food store, hair salon, Best Buy, Sam’s Club…I’m so grateful to be able to do this during the day when most people are at work. I know what it is like to have to do this after work and on the weekends during the school year, so I take full advantage of my freedom to do so during the summer months. I ended the day with a much needed massage…OUCHIE!!



We woke up at 4:30 am, ate breakfast, and were getting ready to go for a LONG training ride when we realized it was raining just south of us (right where we would be riding). We changed our plans, we would ride tomorrow instead and do tomorrow’s workouts today. We went back to bed and slept really well! After eating breakfast #2, we went to the pool for a swim. It was a cool, cloudy day, so there weren’t many people at the pool, which was AWESOME for us!


After our swim, we ate lunch, did 30 minutes of core work, relaxed a bit, and then went for our 2 hour run around town. It was a cool day, so Basil got to go with us for the first 8 miles. We dropped her off at home before going back out for the remainder of our run…all in all, a 13 mile long run during the late afternoon hours. This required an epsom salt bath and lots of yummy refueling!



We woke up at 4:30 am to go on our LONG ride today and thankfully Mother Nature was cooperative! We had perfect weather! It was pretty chilly to start (~56F), and the high temperature for the day was only supposed to reach 74F, so it would be a great day to ride long…except for the winds! The Iron Hippie and I rode the first 50 miles before 8:30 am. We looped back home, fed the dogs, and picked up our friend Allen for the last 70 miles. By this time, the winds were really starting to pick up from the east, so we went that way first…it was not only physically taxing, but mentally draining as well. We pushed straight into the wind for 25 miles before getting to turn. When we finally turned back west, It. Was. Awesome! Hello Tailwind!! When we got home, the Iron Hippie and I went for a short 10 minute run to shake out the legs. It felt really good!!








After an epsom salt bath and cleaning up, I ran to the store for some s’more makings, came home and cooked over the fire in the backyard fire pit before friends came over for s’mores…I’m bummed I didn’t get pics of our fun evening with friends! It was a GREAT way to end a GREAT weekend!

Weekly Totals: 20 hours & 34 minutes

Swim: 7449 yards
Bike: 202 miles
Run: 20.4 miles
Strength Training: 2 hours & 15 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“You are only as strong as you allow yourself to be; never get discouraged, never give up because consistency & dedication are the key to success.” ~Author Unknown


4 thoughts on “10 weeks ’til #IMWI: Consistency

  1. Lots of pool love! Good for you for keeping it consistent-I’ve given up on consistency until the kids are all in school in a couple of years 😉

    1. Thanks! The pool is great! I only wish it was open year round! I hear Bend is AMAZING!! I want to visit there SO bad!! I hope you are having a blast!!

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