8 weeks ’til #IMWI: recovery + racing + family

The theme this week was recovery, race weekend, and family time! With so much recovery, we are ready to hit the ground running for another 2 week build this week!!


I spent most of the day resting and staying indoors since it was another HOT and HUMID summer day. I was very happy to not have anything scheduled on my calendar until 5:30 pm for our ladies only ride #2. It was a smaller turn out this time, but I think it could be because the feel like temperature was 100F and the winds were ~25 mph sustained from the south. We worked on drafting off each other as we rode south straight into the winds. When we turned around, the ladies quickly realized how amazing it felt to have the winds push us back home!



I met with a personal training client at 8 am, and then spent the rest of the day cleaning house, and running a few errands. I managed to find time to give Mojo and myself a little TLC before enjoying an evening of sushi with my fave! It was the perfect scheduled rest day!





I met with a personal training client at 10 am, and spent the rest of the day doing laundry and packing for our trip home to my parents this weekend. When the Iron Hippie came home from work, we talked about doing a workout, but instead opted for an unscheduled rest day. Our bodies would appreciate this as we have another 2 week build coming up next week. We relaxed with the dogs and watched a movie as we enjoyed our last evening at home for a few days.



I met with a personal training client at 8 am, and then did my own TRX workout. Since we were traveling to Okoboji after the Iron Hippie got off work, I wouldn’t be teaching my normal Thursday evening TRX class. It was kind of fun to have the TRX room to myself and do my own workout!! I ran some errands, and finished packing for our trip, so when the Iron Hippie came home from work, we could hit the road. After we arrived at my parent’s house (side note…my parents were not home for this trip since they were visiting my sister and her family in the Bay Area) and unloaded the car, we walked the dogs down to the water to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful evening!




This was a rest day from working out, but I think babysitting my twin 8-year old nieces most of the day made for an even more exhausting day than if we had worked out. We started the day by picking up our race packets for our race on Saturday, then went and picked the twins up so they could spend the day with us. We went to their house to get one of their bikes, went to the Taco House for lunch, and then went back to my parent’s house for the rest of the day. We worked on helping the twins learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels, swimming in the pool, taking the dogs to the lake to swim, cooking dinner at home, and more bike riding. It was a very full day!!






The alarm clock went off at 4:30 am for us to get ready for the Okoboji Triathlon. It was a PERFECT morning for racing and a FANTASTIC start to our Anniversary! Usually the weather for the Okoboji events is HOT, HUMID, and MISERABLE, but not this year! We were blessed with cool weather, low humidity, and fantastic weather! We got to the race site at 5:30 am, quickly set up our transition area and made our way over to the marathon start at 6 am to cheer on those athletes running the marathon. After the marathon runners embarked on their day, we finished getting ready to race and made our way down to the water for the start. I’ll have a more detailed race report later this week, but let’s just say that the beautiful weather paid off and it was so fun to have my sister and the twins at the finish line cheering me on!! 😉 After crossing the finish line, we went home, showered, and came back to the finish area to cheer on some friends who were running the 1/2 marathon. The fun thing about the Okoboji events is that the marathon starts at 6 am, the triathlon starts at 7 am, the 1/2 marathon starts at 8 am, and the 10K starts at 9 am. The goal is for the majority of the people to finish about the same time. We made it back to the finish just in time to see our friends finish. They ROCKED it!! So proud of them!! We went to have Pho for lunch…the perfect post race food!! Thankfully we met our friends there for lunch and we all got to enjoy each other’s company and amazing food together. After lunch, we went home and took a nap before heading over to our friend’s cabin for an evening boat ride, some amazing home cooked food, and fun conversations. The Iron Hippie stopped at West-O-Beer Brewery for one beer to celebrate our anniversary on our way home for the evening. It was the perfect day!

Thanks to my sis for this fun photo of me giving my nieces a high five as I came into the finish line!




Today was a day of rest from workouts, but it was another full day with the twins. After we woke up, we went to pick up 15 bags of soil to fill the big hole in the backyard for my dad (about a month ago some nasty storms uprooted one of the trees in their backyard, and the tree service just came to remove it on Friday). The twins helped us fill the hole, but the 15 bags didn’t fill it. We took a swim break before going back to get 15 more bags of soil and adding about 9 of them to the hole. The Iron Hippie mowed the yard, while I vacuumed and cleaned up the house. We grilled home cooked food, and then worked with the twins to help them learn to ride their bikes without training wheels…WALA!! Success!! They can both start, stop, and ride continuously without assistance. They still need to work on turning, but they will get that down with more practice! Parenting is hard work and I commend those of you with kids! Balancing your life and theirs is not easy, so kudos to you!



Weekly Totals: 3 hours & 53 minutes

Swim: 960 yards (triathlon swim only this week)
Bike: 35.7 miles
Run: 4.5 miles (triathlon run only this week)
Strength Training: 45 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“I did something that I said I couldn’t do.” ~Laylah (my niece) once she learned to ride her bicycle without training wheels 🙂

We can all learn from this quote…don’t give up and believe in yourself!

4 thoughts on “8 weeks ’til #IMWI: recovery + racing + family

  1. Sounds like a great week! You have some big build weeks coming up, so it’s good to get in some family visiting time now 😉 Looking forward to reading your race write-up. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Amy! It was good to have some family time and now the big building begins! I should have my race report up in the next couple of days 😉

    1. It was more recovery than planned, but I’m hoping my body will thank me for it during these next couple of big training weeks. The weather was perfect! I hope to get to my race report today 😉

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