7 weeks ’til #IMWI: the tropics

The theme this week…so this is what it feels like to live in the tropics!!


The plan was to get up Monday morning and ride for 3-4 hours up into Minnesota and back to my parents house, but we were EXHAUSTED! Who knew taking care of twin 8 year olds could be so tiring?! We instead opted for a rest day. We packed up our stuff, drove home, unloaded everything, took a nap, ate some dinner, juggled our schedule for the rest of the week, and had an early to bed to reenergize ourselves for the rest of the week.


We started the day with the a 2000 meter time trial in the pool. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a swim, but that was all about to change. The Iron Hippie had the day off of work, so we went home, ate some breakfast, and then opted to get on the trainer for our 90 minute bike ride. It turned out to be a very good decision…about 20 minutes into our ride, we saw thunder, heard lightening, and the rain started to fall. After our ride, we went to the gym for full body strength before cleaning up and heading to Kyle’s Bikes in Ankeny for a bike fit for each of us. It was about this time when it actually stopped raining…perfect timing to take our bikes inside without them getting wet 😉 Thanks Kyle for always giving us the best treatment and bike fit!! Your expertise is hands down the best!! When we got back to Ames, we picked up our CSA and met some friends for sushi for dinner. It turned out to be a pretty amazing day!!







I woke up with LOTS of pulling for breakfast and it felt so good! I met a client at 8 am, ran some errands, put some food in the crock pot for dinner, and did lots of house chores throughout the day. The plan was to meet The Iron Hippie on the other side of town after he got off work to ride for 3 hours, but when I went outside to load the car, it was a heat index temperature of 110F…WHAT?! We opted to not get heat stroke or heat exhaustion and rode on the trainers for 3 hours in our air conditioned living room. Don’t worry…we still sweat…A LOT!!





It was still gross outside at 5 am, so we hopped back on the trainer for our 45 minute ride, but ran 15 minutes outside in the heat and humidity…GROSS!! I met with a personal training client at 8 am, ran a few errands, and then hibernated in the house for most of the day…I did some house chores, blogging, and colored. It was another HOT & HUMID day! At 3 pm I went to city hall to do a video taping session on TRX for the City of Ames Parks and Recreation. I also topped off the day with TRX…full body strength and core work tonight. The high feel like temperature today…116F…YUCK!!





AND…the heat and humidity continue! We had an hour run and a 50 minute swim on the schedule. Typically we would run after the Iron Hippie gets off work and swim in the morning before he goes to work, but with the weather we’ve been having, we opted to get up and run at 4:30 am to run for an hour before going to the pool to swim. It was GROSS!! When we got done running, I looked like I had been swimming!! I was really looking forward to submerging myself in a cool pool for my swim, but was sadly disappointed that the water had warmed up a bit thanks to the ridiculous temperatures the last few days. When I got done swimming and stepped out of the pool, the breeze hit me and I was finally cooled down. AH…Refreshing!! After swimming I took the dogs for a walk, cleaned up, ate a breakfast…or two, and met a personal training client at 10 am. I followed this up with another TRX class…all upper body and core work today. After lunch I met another personal training client at 2 pm, met the Iron Hippie in Slater to drop off a car for our century ride tomorrow, showered up for dinner, and met some friends for some Mexican yummies for dinner. The heat index today…110F.

An awesome, yet hot & humid run with friends is a great start to the day! You know you love swimming when your bubbles even make a heart! It helped to get coached by this little critter on my lane line as well!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my FAVE!! The Iron Hippie wanted to ride a 100 miles on his birthday, so we woke up early and started at 6 am since the predicted heat index was supposed to be over 100F again today. The first 55 miles were on the roads with 2 other friends. It was very humid, and we sweat a lot, but it wasn’t too hot since the clouds kept the sun from shining on us…thankfully! We met up with more friends in Slater and rode an additional 47+ miles to give us a total of 102.44 miles for the day in the saddle. The heat index when we were done was 103F with full cloud cover. Thankfully the pool in Slater was open, so we took a plunge before changing clothes and grabbing some food at a local bar and grill. It was super fun to ride with friends, not push the pace, but still get 100+ miles in on one of the hottest days of the year. Once we arrived home, unloaded the car, and showered, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the air conditioning 🙂





We started the day with our 1 hour trainer ride of 3 x Ladder intervals and followed this up with a 90 minute endurance run off the bike. We were so lucky to have my #solesista join us on this HUMID and warm morning!! After refueling, an epsom salt bath, and doing some much needed laundry, we opted for an afternoon nap. Boy did that feel good! After our nap, we prepped food and then went to have dinner with my #solesista and her family. It was a fun evening to celebrate the Iron Hippie’s birthday and enjoy time with our chosen family!



Weekly Totals: 20 hours & 56 minutes

Swim: 7983 yards
Bike: 191 miles
Run: 17.1 miles
Strength Training: 2 hours & 30 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Passion is a huge prerequisite to winning. It makes you willing to jump through hoops, go through all the ups and downs and everything in between to reach your goal.” ~Kerri Walsh

10 thoughts on “7 weeks ’til #IMWI: the tropics

  1. Wow! What an impressive week…love the shot of you going down the water slide 😉 Happy Birthday to the Iron Hippie.

    Great minds think alike-I’m getting a bit fit on Saturday (which I know you’ve been suggesting for ages). It might seem like a bit of overkill for just a hobby road cyclist, but I don’t want to take any chances with my knees. I’ll feel better knowing the bike is set up perfectly for me.

    1. Thanks Amy! It was a big week, hot, humid, and lots of fun!! I always say that anyone who rides a bike should get a bike fit to prevent injuries, no matter what level they are at. I’m glad you’ll be properly fit!! It is definitely not overkill!!

    1. Wisconsin won’t be that hot thankfully!! It has been ridiculously hot and humid here!! Thankfully we are back to normal July weather in Iowa where yesterday it felt like 92F and I thought it was so cool 😂 Normally I’d say that was too hot also!! I’m not a lover of temperatures above 90F.

  2. GREAT week! The heat and humidity has been awful here, too. It actually hit 100 one day, with a “feels like” even higher. I think we’re breaking this weekend, so I’m looking forward to riding outside. At least you’ve got your heat acclimation training squared away! 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura! We had a break in the heat for about a week, but it looks like we’ll have more heat next week. I do have the heat acclimation on my side…I just hope it isn’t that hot and humid on race day. 😉

  3. I know what you have been going through! It has been so hot and crazy humid here in NC! Ugh!!!! You are trying still getting it done though! Way to work!

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