6 weeks ’til #IMWI: IMWI training camp

The theme for this week…IMWI training camp. We did our own Ironman Wisconsin training camp during the latter part of the week.


I started the day with some house chores before running a few errands. When I came home from running errands, I pulled two new pairs of shoes out of the closet…time to start breaking them in for the big dance in September!! I decided to do my one hour of strength training at home today instead of going to the gym. I did this late morning before doing yard work…picking up dog droppings, pulling weeds, and mowing the lawn. It was finally “cool” enough to mow the lawn…and it is actually turning green again, so it needed to be mowed. When the Iron Hippie got off work, we did our 75 minute trainer ride of power intervals before cooking dinner with our neighbor.IMG_4780




I started my day by taking my girls on a short walk around the neighborhood before hopping on my bike for a ride. I love 2 wheels + the open roads + my new Coeur Sports Zele tri kit! Hello #stylishspeed and #noangrykitty 🙂 After my ride I took Mojo down to Kyle’s Bikes…she wasn’t shifting from the big ring to the little ring and she didn’t act like she even wanted to. While that is ok for riding around here, it is not ok for our Ironman Wisconsin training camp this coming weekend where there are LOTS of hills. Turns out she needed a new shifting cable. Kyle is da bomb!! He installed the new cable and sent me on my way 🙂 I picked up our CSA, cleaned vegetables, ate leftovers, conversed with a friend for over an hour, and was in bed shortly after 8 pm.





We started the day with a 75 minute run that included 8 x 1/4 mile hill repeats. I was super pumped to execute this run so well! Repeats 1 & 2 (1 mile) were at a 9:12/mile pace, repeats 3 & 4 were at a 9:06/mile pace, repeats 5 & 6 were at an 8:53/mile pace, and repeats 7 & 8 were at an 8:39/mile pace. I was stoked…an soaked!! 😉 After a quick change, we jumped in the pool for a short (1200 meter) swim set. After refueling and cleaning up, I met 2 clients for personal training sessions. I packed for our upcoming Ironman Wisconsin training camp weekend before heading to get a massage at 2:15. After my massage I met the Iron Hippie across town so he could do the ride I did yesterday and then I met a friend for dinner. I capped the evening off with some more packing before bed.




This peanut butter pie was AH-MAZ-ING, but I did have a kale + quinoa + salmon salad (equally AH-MAZ-ING) before indulging in this little beauty!


We started the day with an hour of strength and core work at the gym before going to the pool for 2800 meters of #swimlove! After refueling and cleaning up, I continued to pack, finish laundry, clean the house, and prepare for our Ironman Wisconsin training camp weekend. When the Iron Hippie got off work at lunch time, we finished loading the car and hit the road at about 1 pm for Madison, Wisconsin for what was to be the start of a great weekend!! When we arrived in Madison, we unloaded the car at our host home…thank you Chris for hosting us when we come up and visit!! We then went to The Great Dane for dinner…YUMMY!! After getting ready for a BIG day of training tomorrow, we went to bed for a good night’s sleep.


Play time!
Madison…here we come!!



Today started our very own Ironman Wisconsin training camp!! I’ll have a post just on this amazing training weekend later this week. Today’s training included cycling 125 miles with 6847 feet of climbing followed by 6 miles of running off the bike before eating all of the food we could find at Pizza Ranch…





We participated in the Shoreline 2.4 mile Swim event and followed this up with running one loop (13.1 miles) of the Ironman Wisconsin run course. After eating lots of Ian’s Pizza, we went back to our host home to clean up and spend the afternoon relaxing. We grilled dinner and watched the movie Everest before hitting the pillow for a good night’s sleep before our last day in Madison.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 3.47.37 PM



We woke up, loaded the car, and drove home completely exhausted, but 100% happy to have gotten the opportunity to train in Madison this weekend! We LOVE Madison and would move there in a second if we both had good jobs!! Maybe it is time to start acting on this dream…  On our way home, we stopped in Cedar Falls to have lunch with the Iron Hippie’s parents. It was good to catch up and chat in person instead of just on the phone or via email. When we arrived home, we snuggled with our girls for a few minutes before unloading the car, getting Orange Leaf (new dairy free options…YUMMY), making a pit stop at Petco, and nesting for the evening. It ended up being an unscheduled rest day, but one our bodies DEFINITELY needed!! You know you need rest when you need toothpicks to keep your eyes open!!

Weekly Totals: 21 hours & 35 minutes

Swim: 8598 yards
Bike: 180 miles
Run: 27 miles
Strength Training: 2 hours

Quote of the Week:

“Being your best is not so much overcoming the barriers other people place in front of you as it is about overcoming the barriers we place in front of ourselves. It has nothing to do with how many times you win or lose. It has no relation to where you finish in a race or whether you break world records. But it does have everything to do with having the vision to dream, the courage to recover from adversity, and the determination never to be shifted from your goals.” ~Kieren Perkins

10 thoughts on “6 weeks ’til #IMWI: IMWI training camp

  1. I love your new kit! How long are the shorts-6 or 8 inches? I like my Zoot ones for lady-bit comfort, but I find the 6 inch leg just a bit short for my liking.

    That sounds like a phenomenal bike ride and training camp. After my fit next weekend, I’m going to start increasing my mileage and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

    1. The shorts are 6 inch, but the plain black ones also come in 8 inch. They are awesome!! There are no seams because the chamois runs down the inside of the leg. I’m excited for your fit to see how much more comfortable you’ll be! I hope it is more amazing than you anticipate!!

      1. Hmmm…I would like to try them, but ordering/shipping to Canada can be brutal! Dave is going to the states in Oct, I may have to see if I can find a store near where he’s staying.

    1. That peanut butter pie was AH-MAZ-ING!! I’ll hopefully have more up on our training weekend this week!! I can honestly say I wasn’t a big fan of Everest…I know our sport is crazy, but that is INSANE! It was a great story though!!

  2. Awesome week and so cool that you got in some quality training time in Wisconsin! How far of a drive are you from there? The new kit looks great, BTW!

    1. Thanks Lee!! We are only 4 hours from Madison, so it is definitely worth the trip to train on the course! I love the new kit and will probably be purchasing another one with the next paycheck 😉

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