What’s Up?! – August 2016

August has been full of all kinds of fun, chaos, and tapering!


The month of August started with the Okoboji 3.5 mile swim. I was so lucky to have Dad kayak next to me while I just kept swimming! Later in the month, the twins came for a visit. We spent the day at the aquatic center and then got ice cream before they left for home.





I started school on August 19 and the students started on the 24th. This meant I spent a lot of time running errands to stock up on all kinds of supplies before the school year started, I made hundreds of zucchini muffins, and I loaded the freezer with homemade food that just needs to be reheated. I also spent time in my classroom getting ready for the new year, while finishing up our training load for Ironman Wisconsin.





We began to taper for Ironman Wisconsin, which was good and bad. I always forget that school starting and tapering for Ironman Wisconsin go well together on paper, but in reality I really want to be training more at the start of the school year when the stress level rises. With the taper comes more time to spend with my fave and start packing for Ironman Wisconsin…neither of which release the stress that comes with the start of the school year like intense training does…sorry honey!

Date night!
Date night!


How was your month of August? What were your highlights for the month?

10 thoughts on “What’s Up?! – August 2016

  1. I’m just glad I made it through August. Only two more months of chaos! Two part-time jobs, two kids in two sports at two different locations at two different times, training for my 70.3 (which is actually helping me stay sane), and goodness. I am glad I didn’t sign up for a full this year, yet, I’m slightly jealous of everyone else who is doing one, including you!! πŸ™‚
    I hope the rest of your taper goes well and your school year is smooth so far. I meant to ask on your original post with your recipes, if you could send me the one for the pesto, or the beet stuff. I remember reading it and never got around to asking you for it, so thanks for the reminder, and sorry for being so vague!
    Best to you!!!! Have a good holiday weekend!

    1. You are super busy! I’m glad you made it through August as well! Maybe another IM next year??? Especially if you do the one in NC close to home??? When is your 70.3?

      Both the basil pesto and beet pesto are super easy, though I don’t have a recipe to follow for them. I start with about 1 cup of olive oil in the Vitamix, then add the ingredients until it is a smooth consistency. For the basil pesto, I use olive oil, basil, pine nuts, and garlic. In the beet pesto, I use olive oil, beets, walnuts, parmesan cheese, and garlic. Some people add parmesan cheese to their basil pesto as well, but we choose not to (and don’t have good reason why…).

      I hope you have a great 3 day weekend as well!!

  2. I only had 6 cases all month- been bored and lonely and I’m glad it’s over! Plus now I’m closer to visiting in Iowa. πŸ™‚

  3. My August was not as I hoped it would be since my cycling progress stalled, but September is shaping up to be much better πŸ™‚ I would think that taper and school starting would work well together too, but I can see how an anxious to move body would be tough to deal with as you are contained to the classroom. Any thoughts on a different race next time?

    1. I’m glad September is starting off well! The anxious taper isn’t working well, but there is only a few more days until race day! We are looking at different dates, but haven’t officially decided on one yet.

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