1 week ’til #IMWI: focus

The theme this week was focus…It took all I had to remain focused every day at work so that I wasn’t thinking about Ironman Wisconsin! This race is definitely occupying most of my mental energy πŸ˜‰


We woke up early to ride and decided we would benefit from 2 extra hours of sleep, so we went back to bed. After the extra sleep, we got ready for our day and set off for a full day of work. After work was 30 minutes of core and an easy hour ride.



We woke up, got ready for work, and headed out the door. After a full day of work, we went to the pool for an easy swim. It was a beautiful evening for a swim!



We woke up early to do a short (30 minute) run before work. It was a great morning for a run! After a full day of work, we hopped on the trainer for a 90 minute trainer ride with 2×20 minutes in zone 3 to test ourselves for race day. I was also super pumped to have my new Coeur Sports gear show up in the mail…WAHOO!!





Today was a rest day due to a crazy schedule. After a full day of work, I met with a personal training client before quickly eating dinner and heading back to school for “back to school night.” By the time I got home, I caught up with the Iron Hippie…we have big changes coming our way that we needed to discuss (more on this to come).


Today was another rest day. This one wasn’t planned. I had an EXHAUSTING day at school. It was picture day, and all students get their pictures taken during science class, so I walked every class (6 of them) down to the auditorium for their pictures. I probably easily walked 2 miles within the building, but the management of students (most of which was 6th graders) was mentally taxing. I was supposed to swim after work, but my body said “eat and sleep,” so that is exactly what I did.


We woke up to swim for the last time on the 50 meter long course this summer. What a sad day! After our swim, we hopped on the trainer for an easy hour ride and followed this up with 30 minutes of core work. Basil thought I needed some “coaching” while I did my core work!! After eating lunch, we did dishes, laundry, grocery shopping (I really miss doing this during the week like I do all summer long), vacuumed the house, and then relaxed while watching the Ironman 70.3 World Championships!





WOW!! Race day is only 1 week away!! How did it get here so quick?!?!?! We woke up to do our last brick before race day. After cleaning up and eating, it was time to get our bikes cleaned and race tires on. Unfortunately while cleaning Mojo, the wind blew my bike and the stand over. This caused my derailleur to shift into my wheel, so we had to make an unexpected trip to Kyle’s Bikes. Kyle was out of the shop today, but I am grateful that Anthony was able to fix my bike up and send us on our way! After finishing with both bikes, it was time to eat dinner, clean up the garage, and get ready for bed.



Weekly Totals: 9 hours & 25 minutes

Swim: 4577 yards
Bike: 70.6 miles
Run: 10.3 miles
Strength Training: 1 hour

Quote of the Week:

“The sky is not my limit…I am.” ~T.F. Hodge

13 thoughts on “1 week ’til #IMWI: focus

  1. You must have nearly had a heart attack when your bike tipped over! I’m glad it’s ok now πŸ™‚ Very interested in hearing your big news–I hope this last week of taper goes by quickly of you both.

    1. I was almost in tears Amy! I immediately called Kyle when we noticed the damage. He said his boys would definitely get it fixed, and they did! Hopefully we’ll have more information in the next couple of weeks on our big news!! With only a 2 day work week, this week is bound to go by fast! πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow! Race day this weekend! Yes!!! A couple of work days and you will be 100% in race mode! Sweet! Glad they were able to get your bike fixed so quickly. I know that must have been a terrible feeling!

    1. I’m so excited!! We leave for Madison tomorrow, so it is a low key week for us!! I can’t wait to meet up! Let me know when you get in. We are staying right by Monona Terrace and can meet you around the square or packet pick up!

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