Ironman Wisconsin 2016 Race Goals

Race day is only 5 days away, so it is time to lay my race goals out there.

Saturday I spent some time during the Ironman 70.3 World Championships to write out my “whys” and “goals” for race day. I also laid out my visualization plan, which I have been spending lots of time with over the last few days. Since I have raced Ironman Wisconsin twice before and have trained on the course numerous times, it is quite easy for me to visualize nearly every part of this course.


And now for the whys…why am I racing:

  1. To have fun and relive the joys of my youth through swimming, biking, and running!
  2. To push myself and find my limits for this race on this day.
  3. To do my absolute best!!
  4. To race with courage over comfort and heart & courage!

My goals:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Smile!
  3. Break 14 hours…I will be working hard on race day for the following times to help me achieve this:
    • Swim = 1:15:00
    • T1 = 15 minutes
    • Bike = 7:30:00
    • T2 = 10 minutes
    • Run = 4:45:00
    • Total Finish Time = 13:55:00

You can track me at here on race day!


17 thoughts on “Ironman Wisconsin 2016 Race Goals

  1. You are going to have an amazing race. You have put in the time and dedication to meet your goals. I wish you a safe and beautiful day to put it all out there!! I will most definitely be following your progress. I wish you all the best Kecia!

    1. My Boulder time was 14:04:37, so I’m hoping for a great day Sunday where all my cards go my way. I hope your flight was good! Let me know when you are here! We are going down to swim soon 😉

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