Recovery Post IMWI

It has been 6 weeks since Ironman Wisconsin!! During these 6 weeks, I have been giving my body some much needed TLC and recovery. I have done VERY little in the way of exercise…4 bike rides, 3 runs, 1 swim, and 2 strength training sessions to be exact.

Run for the Roses fun!
Run for the Roses fun!
Taking the plunge back into the pool nearly 6 weeks post IMWI!
Taking the plunge back into the pool nearly 6 weeks post IMWI!
#bikelove in my fall playground!
#bikelove in my fall playground!

I have had a couple of massages to help loosen up the body and get it ready for another Ironman beating and also taken some salt baths to relax and help me recover.


I was hoping to get some hot yoga in and a few swims during this time, but other things have managed to take precedence over these two outings. We’ve spent a lot of time with friends and family during these 6 weeks.

Mom came to visit for a weekend and we got to spend quality time together!

I’ve meet withย some personal training clients, managed to get some appointments taken care (haircut, dogs to the vet, Mojo into the shop to get a shifter cable fixed, etc.), had dinner get togethers with friends, and have managed to chew up all of the “free time” I thought I would have. It always amazes me how I can spend 20 hours a week training (on top of a 40+ hour a week job), but when I have down time to “relax,” my time always gets filled with miscellaneous things!

I’ve cheered my fave and many friends onto more 1/2 marathon and marathon finish lines…

The Iron Hippie getting close to the finish of the IMT Des Moines Marathon...I'm so proud of him only 5 weeks post Ironman Wisconsin
The Iron Hippie getting close to the finish of the IMT Des Moines Marathon…I’m so proud of him only 5 weeks post Ironman Wisconsin

We have made lots of yummy food and enjoyed our down time. My mind is definitely ready to start working out on a more regular basis again, and I think my body is ready as well! I’m looking forward to starting a swim focused block this week! I’m planning toย follow it up with a bike focused block to round out my off season.

What does your post BIG race look like for recovery? If you do Ironman races, how long do you take off before you ease back into training again?

12 thoughts on “Recovery Post IMWI

  1. You gotta keep your head down, basically look at the bottom of the pool, when you enter the water. Also, hands one on top of the other, overlocking the thumbs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Nice recovery!!! It is a good physical/mental break.
    I’ve done some short swims, and runs. I ride my bike to work and errands. Nothing structured. I’ve got 2 1/2 marathons to go before starting to IM train again. I am even thinking I might do a 10k at the first one instead of the half. I need to work on some speed for AZ!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good question on how long until training commences….i would like to start and be structured soon but if I am thinking about Copenhagen and AZ next year…i definitely need to cool my jets!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I hear ya! I wanted to start structured training again yesterday, but alas I have bronchitis…I guess my body is saying it wants more than 6 weeks to recover! Next week is parent teacher conferences, so it will likely be getting closer to 8 weeks of recovery!

  3. That looks like a great recovery “block”! As you said, the body AND mind need a break from training. This entire year has been a bit ‘off’ for me, which is okay, it’s been one of those years, but I’m looking forward to more structured training come November!

    1. I was hoping to get to more structured training yesterday, but alas I have bronchitis…apparently my body wants a bit longer to recover. I hope November is your month and next year is your year!!

  4. Why recover when you can just do another Ironman a couple weeks later without having to do all that work again? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. While it is a valid point, I’m not sure my body and mind could handle that. Don’t worry…there will be another Ironman next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

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