Keeping it fun!

Last week Kay was looking for ways to “love to swim.” Here was my response to her:

“As for LOVING to swim, PLAY in the water (either before or after the swim)…do hand stands, dive to the bottom of the pool like you are diving for pool toys (better yet…take some with you). I try to play at the pool every time I swim. If the pool is deep enough, dive in, do a flip into the water, cannon ball into the water…PLAY!! Sometimes I start with play and other times I end with it. 🙂 “

When I was a kid, I would play in the water ALL. DAY. LONG!! I started doing triathlon as an adult because it reminds me of my youth! I LOVED to swim, I LOVED to ride my bicycle (although I did so without a helmet), and I LOVED to run around with friends…ALWAYS PLAYING!! Why not do things I loved as a kid now as an adult?!

Why am I bringing this up?! As a hobby triathlete, it is important to remember to have fun…both in training and racing! If we aren’t having fun, why keep training and racing? Sure, I want to get faster and am willing to push my limits to stretch my comfort zone, but this doesn’t happen with every workout!

So, here are some of the things I do to keep it fun during my training:

  1. When I am at the pool, I ALWAYS try to play! Sometimes I play before my swim and other times after my swim, but I’m always trying to reconnect with my youth. Sometimes I do somersaults in the water, other times I do hand stands, but I almost always do dolphin dives in the water. I love dolphin diving and coasting along the bottom of the pool!

    Playing in the pool...Handstands!!
    Playing in the pool…Handstands!!
  2. Getting fun new swim suits, swim caps, and pool tools also helps keep things fun in the water!

    Fun swim caps FTW!
    Fun swim caps FTW!
  3. When I bike, I try to ride with others during outdoor season and sometimes we plan our stopping point at the pool for some post ride shenanigans!
    Pool Shenanigans post birthday century ride!
    Pool shenanigans post birthday century ride!

    Going down the slide post ride!
  4. Getting fun new tri kits and cycling jerseys is always a great way to keep it fun on the roads!

    Fun new Coeur Sports gear! #stylishspeed
    Fun new Coeur Sports gear! #stylishspeed
  5. When I am running, I try to mix up the scenery and take my girl with me as often as possible! Basil not only LOVES to run, but when we run through the park, it is so much fun for me to see the joy she experiences as she runs off leash. Her joy warms my heart!

    Running the golf course with my girl + bonus #puppylove
    Running the golf course with my girl + bonus #puppylove
  6. Hire a coach! When you have new workouts show up in your training plan, you get to experience fun on a whole new and challenging level! You also get the support, encouragement, and motivation from your coach to push yourself! I’m so thankful to have a coach who not only supports and motivates me, but also mixes things up and keeps my workouts fun! Thanks Coach Kelly for bringing new life to my training!!

How do you keep it fun?! What ideas do you have/implement to keep it fun as you SBR?!


12 thoughts on “Keeping it fun!

  1. Oh wow this made me want to play in the pool lol made me think of when I was little too! I used to love diving down & getting toys & just hanging out on the bottom of the pool for as long as I could. Thx for the flashback :))

  2. What a great post! I’ve lost a bit of the fun over the last few months in all aspects of tri…I’m hoping to recapture the joy in 2017.

  3. Very similar to my approach to Tri training. Be more kid !
    Fun is a major factor for a part time athlete.
    In the pool we play Tag or Britishbull dogs also a 10 minute game of water polo adds to the fun.

      1. It’s like tag – you have two teams either side or the pool.
        This idea is for the most number of people on each team, to get to the other side without being tagged.
        So two teams swim at each other trying to get passed without being tagged out !
        Make sense ? It’s an old school playground game adapted for the pool

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