31 Weeks ’til #IMMT: Stomach Bug

Well, this week didn’t exactly go as planned thanks to a short bout with the stomach bug that is going around. Thankfully I didn’t have it as severe as what some of the students have been experiencing, but it did keep me from working out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.

Swim: 3800 yards

I made one swim this week and it was loaded with kicking! Some kicking on my sides, some kicking with a kick board, and some with the freestyle stroke. It was definitely out of my comfort zone as there was a LOT of variety in this workout. Just when I thought I had found my swim stroke, it was changed up again 😉

LOTS of kicking as I work to #findfaster in the water!
LOTS of kicking as I work to #findfaster in the water!

Bike: 48.9 miles

I did manage to make 4 rides this week, 3 of them were Z1 rides. When I started feeling better, it felt SO good to be back in the saddle! I’d ride my bike everyday if I could! I LOVE to ride my bicycle 🙂

Easy recovery ride back in the saddle after the stomach bug!
Easy recovery ride back in the saddle after the stomach bug!

Run: 3.03 miles

I made one easy treadmill run this week. Due to a small ice storm early in the week, it was necessary to run on the treadmill even though I really wanted to run outside!

Easy run on the mill
Easy run on the mill

Strength Training: 70 minutes + 10 minutes of core daily except Thursday and Friday


I seemed to have lots of time for recovery and sleeping this week thanks to that awful stomach bug! I am grateful that I was feeling better just in time for my massage! I can’t imagine having to wait another 2 weeks…this body was in serious need of my massage!

Recovery Time!
Recovery Time!

Weekly Totals: 7 hours & 15 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness in our lives.” Brene´ Brown

How was your week? What were your weekly highlights?

8 thoughts on “31 Weeks ’til #IMMT: Stomach Bug

    1. I agree! I just kept wishing I’d throw up! I would have gotten over it sooner and felt so much better! Thanks Jim! I’m back to feeling 100%!

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better! The bug hit me last Sunday evening and for five hours I was non-stop sick. I’ve never experienced anything like that before-it took days to feel normal again. Most of the week was a write-off for exercise, but I did get one swim in and LOVED the swim clinic I did with my new triathlon team 😀

    1. Thanks Amy! Yes…the recovery time was longer than I’d hoped, but am back to feeling good and ready to rocket forward with my training. So glad you had fun and learned a lot at the swim clinic!

    1. Thanks Leslie! Glad for a rest day today as we had #icemageddon move in, but by the end of the week temps up in the 50s. I’m sad we haven’t had enough snow this year to snowshoe, but hopeful for an early spring to get out and ride in. I’ll be running in shorts in January! CRAZY! I hope warmer temps arrive for you soon so the snow melts and you can get outside!

  2. Glad that stomach bug didn’t keep you down for too long. I know none of us have time for that nonsense!

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