29 weeks ’til #IMMT: Not as planned

This week did not go as planned. I guess that’s what happens as a result of working in a Petri dish. The entire school district made the news for all of the illnesses going around…not really the way I’d like to make the news. We even received an email from our Principal that our entire building was going to be disinfected. I’m seriously hoping this is the last time that I’m sick this school year…I want to be training for Ironman Mont Tremblant!

Swimming: None…

Biking: 28.5 miles

Tuesday I had a great hilly trainer ride! It felt good to go hard, but I didn’t feel as though I was going as hard as I might normally. Little did I know I was coming down with the crud that is going around. Wednesday I had an easy recovery ride with friends. Sadly, that was the end of my training for the week.



Running: None…

Strength Training: 35 minutes

Weekly Totals: 2 hours & 50 minutes


The last half of this week included a LOT of rest + dog snuggles + reading + getting some sunshine + fresh air when I could.

Sunshine!! First time in 27 days according to our local meteorologist!
Rest + reading + dog snuggles
Fresh air!

Quote of the Week:

“Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be.” ~Unknown


16 thoughts on “29 weeks ’til #IMMT: Not as planned

  1. I’m sorry you had a lousy week! Our home has been the same way and I was close to burning it down-Dave is just getting over a cough/cold, but I think we are all finally healthy! Let’s cross our fingers that spring will come early and it will bring sunshine, warmth, and outdoor biking 😉

    1. Thanks Amy! I’m home sick again today, but am definitely crossing my fingers and toes for an early spring! I’m glad your house is in the clear of these nasty bugs!

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. It’s going around my son’s middle school, and I just happened to have chaperoned a trip where I was with hundreds of students in a warm gym. Bam, there goes two weeks of training. Ugh. BUT, I love your quote – reminds us to just let things be and know we will pick up and do our best, when we can do our best! HOpe you’re feeling better now!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I’m still home today. I’m hoping to be back to training by the end of the week. Now to just be able to breathe…😉 I hope you’re feeling better!! 😊

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