What’s Up?! – February 2017

The month of February was a struggle in so many ways…it tested my patience, my sanity, and my ability to focus on the present. I’m ok that the month is behind me and I can move forward into my birthday month! Onward and Upward!


My training wasn’t as productive as I had hoped it would be thanks to a minor back injury that plagued me while carrying laundry up the stairs the first full week in February. Moral of the story…don’t do house chores…they are dangerous!! Despite being knocked down, I was still able to be active on a very limited basis…easy swim, easy bike, walk. One more positive…before my injury, I had a 100 yard PR in the pool! Thankfully I was able to start incorporating running into my plan on February 26, strength training back into my plan on February 28, and intensity back into my workouts in the last couple of days…just in time for March!

Swim Totals: 8.5 miles
Bike Totals: 159 miles
Run Totals: 15 miles

New 100 yard PR!
New 100 yard PR!
Every second counts when you go down the rabbit hole! "Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes just one second!" ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Every second counts when you go down the rabbit hole! “Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes just one second!” ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Running when it is cold out can sometimes turn you blue!
Running when it is cold out can sometimes turn you blue!


Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli talks feedback in her recent blog post…7 Tips for Effective Athlete Feedback. While this is written for the coach to give feedback to the athlete, I can also relate it to being a teacher. It is essential to give effective feedback that is constructive + challenging rather than general + criticizing. If we want to bring out the best in others, constructive + challenging feedback is the way to do it!

Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run by Matt Fitzgerald is a story about two of the best Ironman athletes racing shoulder to shoulder during the 1989 Ironman World Championship at a world-record pace. The war between these two men started long before the cannon fired for the start of the 1989 Ironman World Championship race, but this is where the war finally ended. Matt Fitzgerald takes you through the highs and lows both men experienced throughout this Iron War.

Listening to:

Mark Allen Podcast…Mark shares his struggles to overcome so many obstacles to finally win the Ironman World Championship in 1989 for the first time. Beating the odds required him to take a look at his inner spirituality and happiness, while learning life lessons that had nothing to do with triathlon to become the champion he knew he could be.

Kim Chambers Podcast…Kim overcomes her fears by facing them head on, something I’m working hard to do myself. This Kiwi born former ballerina and rower became a software executive in San Francisco. She was in a horrible accident in her apartment building on her way to work one morning. She was later faced with a choice: accept permanent disability or prove the doctors wrong. She not only proved the doctors wrong, she went on to become the 6th person in history to complete the Oceans Seven, which is the marathon swimming equivalent of the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge. Each of the 7 swims has been chosen for their treacherous water conditions and potential wildlife risks. “I can guarantee that when you face your fears and break through your fears, you will get closer to being the best you can ever be.” ~Kim Chambers

Excited for:

Spring break! We don’t have huge plans for spring break…mostly because our summer vacation has been extended from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, which doesn’t leave much additional vacation time for the Iron Hippie to use over spring break. I’m looking forward to having a break from work, time with family, time to spring clean the house (oh wait…I’m not supposed to do house chores, right?!), time to relax at home, time to read some books, and time to train during the middle of the day if I want to. Oh yeah…I also get to celebrate turning the big 4-0 over spring break…BONUS! How can you not be excited about aging up and being one of the youngest ones in your age group?!

#Fearless check-in:

My intention for 2017 is to become more fearless! So…how have I been doing with this? I feel like I was much more successful during January, but still made some progress on becoming more fearless in February. In my personal life, I have not had a drop of alcohol in 2017 = WIN! I am still working on facing those things that truly scare me, but this has required me to take baby steps because some of these things have a REALLY TIGHT hold on me. I am also really working on not letting others opinions of me bother me, but this is challenging since it too has a TIGHT hold on me. How do you get those tight holds to let you go?!?! At work, the students have been working on a big project, so it has been much easier to be my introverted self during this time, which hasn’t forced me to become more #fearless at work. Because of my injury, I wasn’t able to push myself as hard as I’d like during my training, so I haven’t made as many gains on being fearless in training as I was hoping for. However, once I was released to try running again, I had to stare fear in the face as I stood on the treadmill. There were a lot of “what ifs” floating around in my head…what if I’m not fully healed? What if this sets me back farther? What if this hurts? What if…what if…what if?! After staring fear in the face, I pushed that start button and was pleasantly surprised with the pain free run that I was able to enjoy! While I’ve made some progress, I still have a LOT more progress to make, but don’t we all?! I’m a continuous work in progress!

Staring fear in the face!
Staring fear in the face!

How was your second month of 2017? What were your February highlights? What are you excited for?

10 thoughts on “What’s Up?! – February 2017

  1. “How do you get those tight holds to let you go?!?!”

    Practice, lots and lots of practice. I’m curious why you believe someone else’s opinion of you bears weight over what you think of you. I’m a firm believer in the old adage that what someone else thinks of me is none of my business.

    I hope you find peace in this part of your life.

    1. I’m working on letting go of what others think of me and everyday I get more and more self confident as a result. I know I shouldn’t let their views and opinions bear weight over me…I will find peace in this avenue of my life and hopefully soon! Thanks Jim! I’ll keep practicing!

    1. We thought about coming south to see Bill and Kathy, but Tim doesn’t have enough vacation time because we are taking a month off this summer. Since I have parent teacher conferences next week and spring break after that, I’m sure I’ll be exhausted and spend the week resting up a bit too!

  2. I hope your birthday month goes much better than February did-which should now be known as “Laundry Injury Awareness Month”. Enjoy your spring break!

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