After another trip around the sun, I GET to age up this year! Starting TODAY, I am officially one of the youngest ones in my age group at endurance races! Wahoo! Don’t get me wrong, this is a strong, fast, badass, hardcoeur age group of women, so it won’t be easy competing against them, but I look forward to embracing the challenge that faces me!

Looking back on the last 40 years, I have so many things to be grateful for as I start my next trip around the sun!

  1. I am surrounded by an amazing tribe of people who encourage, support, and inspire me on a daily basis! Thank you to my family, my friends, my Coeur Sports sisters, Kyle at Kyle’s Bikes, Nick at Vitality Massage, Chris at Team Chriopractic and Rehabilitation, my Sound Probiotics fam, my social media friends, my blog world…the list goes on and on!
    My cheer squad…Love them all!!
  2. I have a good job that pays the bills and gives me extra funds to travel + do what I love…hello swim, bike, run!
  3. I GET to light my fire with some swim, bike, run almost every day!
    Just keep swimming!

    Ironman Wisconsin #bikelove Photo credit: Erin Klegstad
  4. My body allows me to push it to limits that used to seem impossible. Thank you body!
  5. I have two amazing fur babies that love to snuggle and smother me with their unconditional love!
    These two hold keys to my heart!
  6. I have an incredibly amazing, supportive, encouraging, and loving husband!
    So blessed and grateful he holds a key to my heart!
    I’m incredibly grateful for all I have in my life! Cheers to another year older, wiser, stronger, happier, and more driven!

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