23 weeks ’til #IMMT: survival

Last week I was in survival mode. It was parent teacher conference week. I LOVE meeting and talking with parents about the progress their child(ren) is/are making, but with this comes INCREDIBLY LONG work days…3×13 hour work days + an additional 4 hours on the 4th day. With these long days, often comes a SERIOUS drop off in training…AKA forced recovery week. So here is what the week had in store for training:

Swim: 2300 yards

I finally got to swim on Saturday while visiting my parents. It was fun to swim in a new pool. I also crushed my interval time goals, which was a HUGE confidence booster! Later in the day, I enjoyed a few additional laps while playing with my twin nieces at the pool…sometimes I needed to do a quick 100 or two to warm back up!

Swimming next to my fave while crushing intervals in a different pool = #swimlove

Bike: 23.8 miles

I had a good ride on Monday with intervals + friend time, and finished out the week with an easy ride on Sunday after a 3 hour car ride home.

Intervals with friends!
Birthday miles = Birthday smiles!

Run: 9.48 miles

I got a couple of short, but good runs in this week with my faves! Nothing fast or far, but they were cold + fun!

Running with my faves on the last day of work for the week!
Birthday miles = Birthday smiles!

Strength Training: 30 minutes + 10 minutes core strength daily

I had one day of full body strength and that was on Monday after my bike intervals.

Weekly Totals: 4 hours & 46 minutes

Weekly Positives:

We took a short trip home home to visit my parents, see my nieces, relax, and celebrate turning 40!

Lunch date at the elementary school with the twins!
Swimming with Laylah on my back isn’t easy, but it is fun!
Family fun in the water!
Love this family!

I got my Coeur Sports team kit in the mail this week and took pics on the FREEZING cold temps along the lake back home home! Love Okoboji!

I love this company, these women, and everything we stand for as we encourage others in sport!
Pure love!
Sporting the team kit with my girl! Basil was a bit distracted by the water…she just wanted to go swimming despite the barely above freezing temps!

Snuggles with my favorite girl!

Basil just wanted to climb into my lap while traveling home.

Birthday dinner with my fave curtesy of my amazing sis! Thanks Abs!

Looking forward to the 40s!

Quote of the Week:

“Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.” ~Frank Herbert

How do you survive busy weeks?

2 thoughts on “23 weeks ’til #IMMT: survival

  1. Good for you for getting through that busy week! And happy birthday!! My days are so unpredictable with all these boys in the house-I get through by *trying* to be as flexible as I can with my fitness schedule.

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