What’s Up?! – May 2017

Thankfully the month of May flew by and I am only a couple of days away from summer break!! Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to…


This month has been full of ups and downs as it relates to training. The month started off strong, but took a nose dive in the middle. Thankfully I was able to pull myself back out of a mental slump after some life stress and get back on track to finish strong at the end of the month.

I’ve been working on flip turns in the pool, but they aren’t progressing as well as I’d like. Now that school is almost out, I can spend more time at the pool to master this skill.

Sometimes I flip straight, but most of the time my flips are all sorts of twisted!

I’ve gotten outside on two wheels with the wind in my face! I LOVE the open road on two wheels! Over Memorial Day weekend, I had two back-to-back 70 mile training rides in VERY WINDY conditions! I had some choice words for Mother Nature, but I know I will be stronger because of rides like these!

Mojo, Mother Nature (hello wind), and I bonded a lot the last 2 days…140 miles to be exact!

Coach Kelly has moved my long run to the middle of the week, and I love it! I’m so glad to have made this switch…sometimes change is good!

13.5 miles with my fave is the perfect start to the day!

HUGE hugs to Coach Kelly, with Track Cat Fitness, for challenging me on so many levels, pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone, and making me #trackcatstrong this year! I am forever grateful for her guidance + support this year!

Swim Totals: 18.4 miles
Bike Totals: 369 miles
Run Totals: 83 miles


Carrie Cheadle’s blog post “How to be Resilient when Sh*t Happens” really makes you think…do you wear “rose-colored glasses,” or “shit-colored” glasses? How do you view your life and the situations that surround you? Do you lift others up, or tear them down? Are you willing to roll with the punches, or do you spread your shit everywhere?

Carrie Cheadle had another GREAT post…Reduce Stress & Recharge! Declutter, unbook yourself, and make a “To Don’t List” to give yourself time to recharge! I LOVE this idea! Carrie even recommends scheduling this down time in your planner/iCalendar to force yourself to take some time to yourself to recharge your batteries!

Marni Sumbal has some great posts! This month, her post “Stop trying to fit in – be YOU!” really hit home with me! I’ve been working to embrace more of who I am and worry less about what others think of me, so this post was spot on!

Listening to:

A podcast on being Resilient with Mallory Weggemann…WOW! This amazing woman has a perspective on life that everyone should have!

Turia Pitt is an amazing individual who has overcome severe burns on 65% of her body that she endured when she got caught in a brush fire during an ultramarathon. Her spirit, determination, and resilience are something we can all learn from! She overcame so many odds to become an Ironman World Champion!

A No Bullsh*t Look at Sports Nutrition with Breakthrough Nutrition is a must listen to if you race and train with sports nutrition. They talk about the doping pandemic that is flooding the triathlon + running racing scene.

How badly do you want it by Kelly Roberts really struck home with me this month! It brought me focus after some life stress this month and grounded me for the coming build into IMWT!

“Women Who Tri” Author Alicia DiFabio didn’t dive headfirst into triathlon, but got into triathlon more as a psychology experiment. She is part of a 900+ women only triathlon club that has taken off, encourages women in sport, and continues to grow!

Look Forward To:

Summer break! With only a couple of days left of my school year (my last day is Monday, June 5), I am looking forward to having time to train, do house chores, and enjoy my time away from work for a few months!

Swimming in the outdoor 50 meter pool! I absolutely love this pool and wish we had an indoor pool just like it!

I’m so excited for some outdoor #swimlove

#Fearless check-in:

My intention for 2017 is to become more fearless! So…how have I been doing with this? I’ve continued to make progress on becoming more fearless. Some areas of my life I’ve made more progress than in others, but that’s part of life. In my personal life, I am still working on facing those things that truly scare me, but with some regression this month, it has slowed to the pace of a three-toed sloth (that can only move with a maximum speed of 0.003 miles per hour). I am NOT giving up and I WILL overcome these scary things! I am also really working on not letting others opinions of me bother me and I think I’ve gotten much better at this in the last month…I’ve even started doing more runs in shorts and a sports bra (when the temperature has been warm enough) and wearing bikinis at the pool for lap swimming. Am I comfortable…not yet, but I’m facing the fear head on! At work, there have been a lot of changes taking place in preparation for next year. Change can be scary, but it can also be a good thing. I am remaining very hopeful that these coming changes lead to great things! I have made some BIG gains while training this month! This has caused me to have to stare fear in the face and stretch WAY out of my comfort zone! I have been working on flip turns in the pool and I am SO fearful of cracking my heels on the edge of the pool that I’m not getting close enough to the wall to actually push off of it. I have more work to do in this area, but I will get there! I also stared fear in the face by going out for a solo, long ride for the first time ever! In the past I’ve always had company for rides over 2 hours, but after spending 4 solo hours in the saddle on the open roads, I’m happy to say that I’m getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable = progress!

First long solo ride on Saturday! HUGE confidence builder!

While I’ve made some progress on becoming more fearless in different parts of my life, I still have a LOT more progress to make, but don’t we all?! I’m a continuous work in progress!

How was your month of May? What were your May highlights? What are you excited for?

8 thoughts on “What’s Up?! – May 2017

  1. LOVE the outdoor rides and pool pictures! My May had a lull in the middle too, but it started and ended with two awesome bikes rides 🙂 I’m excited to FINALLY get this open water swim monkey off my back on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

  2. Outdoor 50 meter pool = swim bliss!!!!!! Awesome progress on your goals to become more fearless!!!!!

  3. Awesome month!! Another month down!! School is out!! Keep with the flip turns, don’t think about it, just do them! So jealous of that pool!! We are getting ready to move and closer to a 50 meter outdoor pool. It will still be far but not as far. we will see!! All these other cities in Oregon have these amazing pools and then Portland has like 2 but they are deep in the burbs! 😦 Nice job on those rides!!! Getting stronger!!!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I think my problem is I think too much about the flip turns 😬 moving?! How exciting!! I’m so glad summer is here for the outdoor swimming pool! Our indoor pools suck!

      1. Don’t think about them…take an extra stroke when you get to the T flip and turn and don’t worry if it is wonky or you flip sideways…just keep going!!! 🙂
        Yes…moving next week…I feel bad that I am in Victoria this weekend and Dan is at home doing a ton of work to get us ready!! #sorrynotsorry 😉

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