8 weeks ’til #IMMT: find a way

With some storms last week, I had to juggle a few things around to get my training in…especially for swimming since it is an outdoor pool that closes with thunder and lightening in the area. If it is important to you, you’ll find a way to make it happen and last week I made it happen!

Swim: 7703 yards

I had to swim short course later in the day a couple of times last week because of morning storms, but was blessed to get to swim long course on Friday morning! Friday morning’s swim was a true testament to how much stronger + faster I am getting in the water! Thank you to Coach Kelly for helping me make these HUGE improvements in the water this year! #trackcatstrong

This is what grateful looks like post swimming Tuesday. It was a full contact kind of swim…good practice for #IMMT in less than 9 weeks!
Swimming with my fave was a great way to end my #workforitwednesday!
Happy Fri-yay morning!

Bike: 136 miles

First century ride of 2017 is in the books and I set a new PR for 100 miles! Thank you Coach Kelly for helping me to become #trackcatstrong on the bike this year also! 🙂

What a great day for some #bikelove intervals!
Easy spin day!
My fastest 100 miles ever in the saddle with these two!
“Guilty easy ride” to end the week!

Run: 25.3 miles

My longest run of 2017 is also in the books…16 miles! It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty, but I did it and am stronger for it!

Some days you’re the bug and some days you’re the windshield. Today I was the bug. SPLAT!
20 minute run off the bike after 100 miles in the saddle…BOOM!
Sunday run day was full of hills for breakfast with my favorite girl!

Strength Training: 45 minute + 10 minutes of core daily

Weekly Totals: 16 hours & 59 minutes

Weekly Positives:

Going Ginkgo! My Coeur Sports delivery makes my heart happy! I LOVE this design!
Thank you Nick at Vitality Massage for keeping me injury free so I can do what I love!

Quote of the Week:

“If it is important to you, you will find a way.” ~Ryan Blair

6 thoughts on “8 weeks ’til #IMMT: find a way

  1. Love all the smiles in this post! Having the whole summer to train is going to make you that much stronger for IMMT in August. Last week I got some bike rides in, but that was it because of so many kid activities and race volunteering on Sunday. I hope to get back into the groove this week 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Thanks Amy! Having the summers off gives me a taste of what it’s like to be a professional triathlete…train, eat, sleep, repeat. I love it! Now if I could just get fast enough to make a career out of it. Ha ha!! It looks like you had a blast yesterday at the race!! I hope you are back into the groove soon!! 😉

      1. A tri career would be amazing and fun 🙂 Actually-after I commented on your post I was inspired to hit the pool to make up for the workout I missed on Friday…so thank you! My week is now off to a great start.

      2. It would be amazing and fun! I’m so glad you got your swim in! I just finished mine up too! We had storms this morning, so I had to wait and swim indoors this afternoon. Not near as enjoyable, but I did the work! 😉

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