6 weeks ’til #IMMT: imperfection

Last week was a HARD week…I reached to complete fatigue! Lots of training, lots of emotions, lots of food, lots of exhaustion, lots of naps, lots of laundry, lots of balance…lots of imperfection, lots of lessons learned! Thanks to Coach Kelly for helping me get #trackcatstrong and pulling me out of the “quicksand” right before I sink.

Swim: 13,345 yards

Monday Morning Meters! What a beautiful morning for some #swimlove
Thursday morning meters!
4100 morning meters to start my BIG training Friday!
Pool shenanigans after a long Saturday!

Bike: 133 miles

Easy spin on the bike Monday!
All the Watts Thursday
I’m in a big build…today (Friday) adversity had me sitting on the side of the road in tears with 10 miles to go. I had lots of thoughts and choices while sitting under the tree. I chose to get back on Mojo and continue to chase my dreams! As Coach Kelly says, “it is supposed to feel like that and that this is what it takes. :)” First solo century is in the books!
While the Iron Hippie races Saturday, I do my recovery ride and finish just in time to see him come in off the bike!

Run: 36.4 miles

So happy + #grateful to finally put together a pretty solid long run despite the full sun, warm temps, + high dew point. Mother Nature put up a fight, but I won Wednesday!
Thursday’s miles off the bike
Put a fork in me! I’m done! Friday’s run off the bike did me in!
Sunday’s split long run:
AM 10 mile run + PM 8 mile run = most running miles in one day so far this year!
Thank you WTForecast for this! With the heat index at 99*F, my split long run on Sunday was exactly as you predicted!
My weather app was right! This split long run on Sunday gave me a “Sriracha enema” and it wasn’t pleasant, but it’s done! Bring on the recovery week!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 20 hours & 22 minutes

Weekly Positives:

So much fun to watch dog jumping downtown this July 4th weekend!
A much needed massage Wednesday to get everything ready for a BIG training weekend! Thanks Nick at Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy + injury free!
So much fun to meet my Coeur Sports teammate, Michelle, Saturday and cheer her on to 1st place AG as she raced in Iowa last weekend!
Spectating while the Iron Hippie races himself to a HUGE PR at the Accel Olympic-distance Triathlon! 2nd out of the water in his AG is AMAZING…he learned to swim 8 years ago!
Turning social media friends into real friends is so much fun! So glad Jen and I connected in real life!

Quote of the Week:

“There is no perfect time. No perfect opportunity. No perfect situation. No perfect moment. You either make it happen, or you don’t.” ~Melissa Stockwell


10 thoughts on “6 weeks ’til #IMMT: imperfection

    1. I left it all out there last week Jim! I was SMOKED…especially after Friday! This week is a recovery week to soak up the work I put in last week. Much less intense and duration! Next week I’ll crank it up again with the final big push to race day! I can’t believe we are only 6 weeks out from race day!

  1. Wow…what a busy week! That sounds like a tough, long bike ride-kudos to you on getting it done and not tossing Mojo in a dumpster at the end 😉 Enjoy your recovery week.

    1. It was a very full week! I’m grateful for a recovery week this week! I could never throw Mojo in the dumpster! We have some pretty amazing times together! Thanks Amy! I will! 😊

  2. Only 6 weeks! WOW! You are getting so close and you are checking all your huge training sessions off the list big time!!! Your recovery week came at a perfect time and you deserve some dialed back work, for sure! Keep it up!!!!

  3. Strong work! It’s so fun to watch you power through this training! I appreciate that you show the tough moments too, because they happen! All that matters is that you keep going!

    1. Thanks Steena! The journey includes the tough moments and I don’t want to keep them hidden. People should see both sides of the journey if they are considering a similar journey of their own! Don’t worry…I’ll keep going for sure! 😉

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