What’s Up?! – September 2017

I can’t believe summer is in the review mirror! Where has time gone?!?!?! Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to in September!


The CyMan Sprint Triathlon was hard! I was definitely not fully recovered post Ironman Mont Tremblant and I definitely felt it! Thankfully I still put together a decent race and HAD FUN doing it!

Listening to:

My Coeur Sports teammate…Amy Farrell on running a marathon during Ironman training. Thanks to Brad Brown with the Kona Edge for this interview!

Amy Dixon is a blind triathlete who has taken on the challenge of Xterra triathlon racing! Holy inspirational! Thanks Kelsey Abbott for helping Amy share her story!


Stressed and overwhelmed. Work is a struggle right now. I’m grateful to work with some amazing people and have the support of an amazing husband to help get me through. I am strong. I will overcome this obstacle. It may be time for change. For now…one day at a time.

Returning to:

Normal life. After a month of vacation, we finally returned home to see our girls, return to work, and return to reality. Daily walks with our girls make us all happy!

Helping + Volunteering:

I’m so lucky to have ladies who ask me for help! I got to teach a friend (doing her first Ironman next Sunday) how to change her tire. It is so much fun to help others!

I was also lucky to get to be one of the Captains for the Women’s change at Ironman Wisconsin this year! It is always so fun to get to work with amazing volunteers + support athletes to help them achieve their dreams on race day!


Post Ironman Blues! I know I’ve posted about the reality of the post Ironman blues, but I am finally combatting them and back to a more normal routine that includes working out on a regular basis!

Working on my swim efficiency!
Children of the corn 😉 This bike was definitely my favorite workout of the month!
Running with my faves on a beautiful morning!

Overcoming Fears:

Yes…I am still working on overcoming my fear of heights. I didn’t make it to the top of the wall during this climbing session. Between lack of recovery post Ironman + my fear ruling the roost, I made it 3/4 of the way up the wall most of the times I climbed. I think it’s time to go climb again and make it to the top of the wall!

How was your month of September?! What was your favorite part of the month?!

6 thoughts on “What’s Up?! – September 2017

  1. I’m sorry work is causing you stress right now-being a teacher is a very tough job! Having some nice runs and rides during the month must have helped your sanity a bit 😉

  2. Oh, how I can relate to the stress of our jobs! Teaching has always been a hard profession, but I swear it’s a lot harder now than when I started teaching 13 years ago! I find there are days where I come home from work so mentally drained that I actually feel physically drained, too, making it that much harder to get in those workouts. The struggle is real, my friend, but you are such a strong woman!

    1. I completely agree Andrea! This is my 14th year with the roughest group of kids I’ve ever had. You too are a super strong woman! The struggle is definitely real! Hugs! ❤️

    1. I can’t believe October is already 1/2 over! I like climbing…it challenges me in new ways. Being afraid of heights makes it the most challenging. I haven’t made it to the top of the wall yet thanks to that fear, but I know I will one day get there if I keep working at it. Work is a struggle this year, so one week I’m working out the Ironman blues and the next I’m sucked back in. I’ll figure it out eventually! 😉

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