self love gifts for the 12 days of Christmas – day 9

In case you are just joining me, I am giving myself 12 free gifts of self love this Holiday season! You should too! We can all benefit from more love this Holiday season! Day 12 was writing a letter to yourself! Day 11 was dreams! Day 10 was encouragement!

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true self gave to me:

Time!In this fast paced world, it is time to slow down a bit and enjoy some time! Put down your phone, close your laptop, step away from social media and do something that warms your heart. Take time for YOU! Read your favorite book, go for a walk, cook your favorite meal, watch your favorite movie, sit in silence and stare at a wall, look through photo albums, put a puzzle together, do whatever it is that you find enjoyable and warms your heart!

10 thoughts on “self love gifts for the 12 days of Christmas – day 9

  1. I love this one and plan to give myself lots of time the week after Christmas. I am off from work the entire week and hope to accomplish some “tasks” but would also love to enjoy some down time and re-energize for the coming year!

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