Courage over Comfort

With the start of the New Year, so many people set New Year’s Resolutions. I prefer to set intentions instead of resolutions. I feel like resolutions set me up for failure the moment I “fall off the train,” whereas intentions make me more mindful + allow for success by not being so finite.

Only about 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions keep them throughout the year, which might be why I view resolutions as negative.

Last year I adopted the phrase “courage over comfort” part of the way through 2017 and it served me very well. It fits in all areas of my life…personal, relationships, work, sport, financial, etc. When I’m more mindful of being courageous, growth happens. Change happens. When growth and change happen, I feel empowered.

Why change a good thing?! I’ve decided to keep this ball rolling! My intention for 2018:


6 thoughts on “Courage over Comfort

  1. Love it, and agree! I don’t set resolutions for the same reason. In tough moments of training or racing I think of your courage over comfort phrase, thanks for the motivation!

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