Magic Carpet Ride

“When we follow our dreams, we discover the magic inside of ourselves.”

I love watching the Olympic coverage and am so sad that the Olympics are over! I know the Paralympics will be starting soon, and I am super excited to see that NBC will be broadcasting more of them than in previous years! There are SO MANY amazing athletes following their dreams and discovering the magic inside of each of them. These athletes are dreamers + doers. They embrace courage over comfort. They are willing to learn and take feedback seriously to improve. They have a growth mindset. They embrace all that it takes to become a champion. They are determined, focused, inspirational, disciplined, strong, driven, gritty, empowering, and so much more!

The message Jessie Diggins sent to girls of all ages is SPOT ON! “I want them to know it’s ok to be girly with your sparkles and your glitter and its also ok to be very competitive and be totally fierce on the race course and to be able to push you body hard and not worry about what it looks like just think about what your body can do. And I really want that message to come across because I think it’s really important to be comfortable in your own skin and see sports as something that lifts you up and empowers you.”

I may not be to Olympic caliber, but I still have dreams that I am willing to work hard for. Dreams that I am willing to embrace the spirit of Olympic athletes to pursue. There is so much magic to discover in each one of us! I’m looking forward to discovering the magic inside of me as I continue on my journey to achieve my dreams! #chasingdreams

Who is ready to take a magic carpet ride with me?!


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