22 weeks ’til #IMLou – focus

Last week was all about focus! Staying focused during training, on the process of chasing my dreams, while packing for a weekend getaway, on my pre-race preparations, on my race strategy, during my race…focus, Focus, FOCUS!!

Swim: 4596 yards

Focus! Push the pace and challenge yourself on the longer stuff!!
First open water swim of the season! I remained wetsuit hicky free thanks to the #trislide by SBR Sports, Inc.! Get some today using code KEPL18 for 20% off your next order!!

Bike: 38.4 miles

Pre-race prep…solid 20 minute working set nailing my goal watts!!
Pre-race spin on the bike. Mojo is ready to race! Don’t worry…I didn’t ride around in the hotel lobby! 🙂

Run: 13.3 miles

Pre race prep…Run off the bike Wednesday morning with a solid goal race pace for the first 12 minutes as planned! #confidencebuilder
Running in the heat of the day to acclimate…Summer is finally here and it puts a smile on my face!!
Pre-race shake out run! I got to enjoy 10 easy minutes with my fave! He went on for a longer run!!

Kansas City Olympic Distance Triathlon:

Swim…lap #1 done!
Time to ride!
What a HOT run!
Race done!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength or stretching daily

Weekly Totals: 6 hours & 56 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Focus! Focus on today! Focus on this moment! What can I do today to make me better tomorrow?!”

Attitude of Gratitude:

So grateful to Nick, at Vitality Massage, for helping me keep my body healthy and race ready!
So grateful + blessed to be part of this amazing Coeur Sports team! I have met so many incredible women in sport and am excited to meet even more!! #TeamCoeur2018 #CourageTeam18
Thanks to my fave for taking some fab pics of me in our new Coeur Sports 2018 team kit!! #rockstar
A clean bike is a FAST bike!! Mojo is clean and ready to race!!
The 50 meter outdoor pool has water in it!! #signsofsummer
Flat Kecia is ready to toe the start line of her first triathlon of 2018. Time to go have some fun!!
So grateful to have my fave as Sherpa/spectator extraordinaire for me!!

How was your week?! What were you grateful for last week?! How do you keep your focus and stay in the moment?!

6 thoughts on “22 weeks ’til #IMLou – focus

  1. Congratulations on your first tri of the season! I confess that the open water swimming picture gave me a bit of a thrill. I don’t think the water is quite warm enough up here yet, but should be soon. When will your outdoor pool open? I really enjoy those pictures.

    My motivation to exercise has not been very good…I can’t run and am a bit leery of biking on the roads since tension between cyclists and motorists always seems to be building. There was a conversation on my community Facebook page a couple of weeks ago filled with hatred for cyclists…both on the road and on community pathways 😦

    1. Thanks Amy! The outdoor pool opens in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait!

      I’m so sad to hear that your community FB page is so full of hate! People need to all learn to get along. There have been lots of cyclists hit here in the states as well. It is so sad. We are all humans and have people we love and who love us. They want us to come home safely whether we drive a vehicle, drive a tractor, run, ride a motorcycle, cycle, or even play in the street with the kids. We need to change the mindset from hatred to love and gratitude…one small step at a time.

  2. Your swim yardage is so impressive! And that you could do some OWS already, how awesome! I only swim like once a week and our lakes are still high 50s. You rock the training, you make me want to put some focus into my training! Congrats on the first tri of the year too, how fun!

    1. Thanks Steena!! I don’t know the exact temperature of the lake, but it was warm enough to swim with the wetsuit. High 50s is doable, but you may want booties and a neoprene skull cap. The coldest I’ve swam in was 54*F and it took your breath away! This tri lit a fire in my belly…just what I needed right now! Time for more focus! 😉

    1. Thanks Leslie! I’m working on the race recap…so much going on right now, so it will probably be ready next week. 😉

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