15 weeks ’til #IMLou – Mixed Bag

Last week was a mixed bag! I had some breakthrough sessions and some sessions where I rode the struggle bus. On Thursday, I went out for my ride and got REALLY dehydrated. While it was my fault for not stopping on the way home to refill my bike bottles, I didn’t want to ride 2 miles out of my way to refill them when there were some SERIOUS storms rolling in, so I kept rolling toward home. My pace kept getting slower and slower and slower. About 7 miles from home, I called for a ride. Not only was there thunder and lightening in the area, but I was very dehydrated. Time to call it a day! I kept riding toward home until I met my ride about 5 miles from home. Thanks to George for coming to pick Mojo and me up!! This little bump caused me to miss a couple of days of training, but I learned a couple of lessons…stop and refill the bottles (I may have actually made it home before the storms if I had been hydrated) and don’t wear arm coolers when it is SO HUMID (they don’t allow for evaporative cooling when it is in the tropics zone). #alwayslearning

Swim: 6032 yards

“Consistent hard work is what yields success, not perfectly nailed sessions!” ~Hailey Manning  #breakthroughsession
#swimlove #happyheart

Bike: 128 miles

FINALLY nailing goal watts on an outdoor ride!!! #breakthroughsession
Coach Basil wasn’t keen on the easy, recovery ride. She likes it better when I push and sweat all over…tasty!! 😉
Today I tried to outride the “storm,” but the “storm” won.
Recovery ride post dehydration

Run: 15 miles

Double run day!! I pleasantly surprised myself today!!
Double run day!! I pleasantly surprised myself today!!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength almost daily + 1 hour & 15 minutes full body strength 

Strength training post ride!! 🙂
Mya was “coaching” me while I did SBT Extreme this week.

Weekly Totals: 15 hours & 1 minute

Quote of the Week:

“Life is a mixed bag of blessings and disaster.” ~Brandon B.

Attitude of Gratitude:

SO GRATEFUL to Nick with Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy and active!!
I was DREAMING about these AMAZING fish tacos ALL. DAY. LONG!!! #getinmybelly
Grateful to have Sound Probiotics in my village!! #winningtakesguts
Recovering on a double run day with avocado toast and Normatec Recovery boots!
Epsom salt + lavender bubble bath = grateful
My dehydration craving of choice was pickle juice!! So grateful we had some in the fridge!!
New Roka Sports wetsuit day!! So grateful to have Roka support this crazy journey and help us #findfaster!!

How was your week? What are you grateful for this week?! What do you crave when you are dehydrated?!

6 thoughts on “15 weeks ’til #IMLou – Mixed Bag

  1. Yikes! Dehydration is scary, I’m so glad you made home safely and recovered. I’ve only gotten really dehydrated a couple of times and it ended in migraines and vomiting. I’m grateful that I had an amazing vacation!! I got home this afternoon and feel so happy. The weather wasn’t great (that’s why I didn’t take my bike), but I made the best of it and had some AMAZING swims. Those swims were my goal and priority-it was thrill to check them off my bucket list!

    1. Oops…I hit send without finishing my thought. I definitely felt queezy and off afterwards, but am grateful it wasn’t worse. It looked like you had an amazing vacation!! Just what you needed!! Cheers to checking items off the bucket list!! ❤️

  2. Good lessons learned on the hydration front! It can be tough sometimes, but it definitely a game changer.

    I have started wearing arm coolers on some of my long hot rides. Humidity is pretty much a given in the summer in NC, so sometimes I wonder if it is best to wear or go without. This is my first season trying them and I like the protection they provide from the sun and the fact that I can squirt cold water on them and it brings immediate relief on those hot days!

    1. I agree with the arm coolers…squirting the cold water feels SO good and the sun protection is awesome, but when the water doesn’t evaporate it makes

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