What’s Up?! – June 2018

I’m not sure how summer is already 1/2 over!! Once the 4th of July comes and goes, it is usually a FAST downhill slide to the start of the school year. This makes me sad, but I’m choosing to continue to soak up each and every moment of summer break!!! Here is a snapshot of what I was up to during June…


Swimming away from the school year and into summer break!! #schoolsoutforsummer
FINALLY nailing goal watts on an outdoor ride!!!
Super happy to pound the pavement for another 8 miles (including pace work) with my favorite girl this morning!! #basillovesrunning #lovemybubblegumtongue

Swim: 20,742 yards (11.8 miles)
Bike: 339 miles
Run: 61.5 miles
Monthly Totals:46 hours & 39 minutes

My Solo 70.3 “Race”:

In case you missed it, I did a thing…the Flatlander 70.3. It was INCREDIBLY challenging, but loaded with lots of learning experiences. So grateful to my fave for making me feel like a champion after a really tough day!!

I did a thang! The #flatlander703 was the TOUGHEST race I’ve ever done, but I learned A LOT and got 1st place overall!! Thanks to my fave for the award ceremony and making me feel special!!


Breathing and Relaxation: Control your Breath to Control your Body by Seth Rose is part 2 of one of my articles I posted last month. If you missed part 1, check it out here. In part 2, he addresses how to learn to control your breathing to reduce anxiety and/or tightness on race day. Everyone wants to have less anxiety and tightness on race day, right?!?! Practicing diaphragmatic breathing and using this technique on race day is sure to help!! He also addresses how to use mental rehearsal to help us achieve what we want to happen or feel. This is different from visualization. “While visualization is focused on seeing things in our mind’s-eye, mental rehearsal involves us using as many of our senses that are appropriate to make our image as real as possible.”

The One Thing Every Athlete Wants: Confidence by Carrie Cheadle is spot on!! Even the best athlete isn’t 100% confident 100% of the time! One of her favorite quotes struck home with me: “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” – Steve Furtick
WOW!!! Truth!!! Most endurance athletes want to “feel” confident, but confidence isn’t simply a feeling, it is also an action! I’m definitely looking forward to part 2 of this blog post to learn ways to increase my own self confidence!! Aren’t you?!?!

Listening to:

The IronWomen Podcast NAILED IT with The Cyclist Lawyer – Megan Hottman!! This is a MUST listen to for ANY cyclist or motorist on the roads. Megan is a lawyer in Colorado who specializes in cases involving cyclists. She discusses the laws of the roads (not just in Colorado, but all states), how to better protect yourself as a cyclist, and insurance options to better protect yourself if you are a cyclist who crashes or gets hit by a motorist. WOW!! SO MUCH INFORMATION!! I listened to it 3 times to make sure I grasped it all!! Definite 5 star rating here!!

KonaKamps has uploaded some new listens with Brenda Bettencourt, Amy Javens, and Amy Farrell (one of my AWESOME Coeur Sports Teammates). These ladies have worked hard and climbed the ladder to place in their age groups!! If you haven’t taken a listen yet, I HIGHLY recommend KonaKamps!!

Working on:

My nutrition and hydration plan!! This has been an ongoing process since…well, always!! Just when you think you’ve got your plan dialed in and working, something changes or your wrong. Maybe the weather has drastically changed. Maybe what your body once loved, it no longer likes. Maybe your tastes have changed. Maybe your just wanting to try something different. Maybe what you thought worked really didn’t work in the first place. I am working on a separate blog post specific to this topic as I have encountered some real nutrition and hydration obstacles that I’m working to overcome, so stay tuned for more on this soon! For those that have shared hydration and nutrition tips with me. Thank you!!

Grateful for:

Grateful to have these two monkeys come and visit us this weekend! Life is always better with ice cream!!
Incredibly grateful to live in a neighborhood that comes together to help each other out. Our neighbor’s tree was struck by lightening during a storm and everyone came together to help clean it up.
Turning social friends into real friends!! So grateful to meet Beth in person!!
So grateful I got to meet up with Steena my Coeur Sports teammate!! Love this pretty, badass lady!!
Volunteer lead bikes at the Hope Run Saturday morning! #givingback
Incredibly grateful that my fave walked away from a solo bicycle accident with lots of road rash and NO head injury (despite cracking his helmet in 2 places). Wear your helmet people!! It saves lives!!
So grateful for cooler temps so this bubble gum tongue could run 10 miles with me this morning! #basillovesrunning
Completed my American Council on Exercise Personal Training Recertification with 5 days to spare!! 🙂

How was your month of June?! What hydration and/or nutrition tips do you have and/or use?! What were you grateful for last month?!


4 thoughts on “What’s Up?! – June 2018

  1. It looks like you are enjoying your time off from school to the MAX. Great job on getting your recertification completed!

  2. First of all…I hope Tim has been healing well and two thumbs up for no head injury! Wearing a helmet is a “no brainer” to me and I don’t understand why people see it as an option!

    Great monthly recap and I look forward to reading your post on hydration and nutrition. At the beginning of 2017, I switched to Infinit for my on bike and run nutrition. It has been a game changer!!! I still enjoy some of my favorites such as Honey Stinger waffles pre-workout (they are my go to), but the liquid nutrition has been great for me!

    I also plan to check out some of your “Listening To” and “Reading” recommendations….thanks for that!

    1. Thanks Lee!! Tim is healing up nicely. I agree…I don’t understand why people feel wearing a helmet is “optional”!! This is the second crash he’s had in his lifetime that he’s cracked a helmet (no head injuries either time). So grateful!!

      Lots of people have recommended Infinit…I may have to try it!! The Breakthrough Nutrition’s Preload formula has helped TREMENDOUSLY for the hydration part!! It has truly been a game changer!!

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