7 weeks ’til #IMLou – back to reality

Last week I was reintroduced to reality…it is apparently time to go back to school. This means reestablishing routines, balancing life and training, and figuring out the “new normal.”

Swim: 10,453 yards

Putting in some work during this tough #timetrialtuesday swim!!
My 15th first day of school started with a long early morning swim!!
#swimlove in the 50 meter pool = DONE!!

Bike: 116 miles

#timetrialtuesday helped me move my way off of the struggle bus and into a Rolls Roys!!
My 15th first day of school ended with some #bikelove + #basillove!!
90 miles of #bikelove and chasing Anne for 55 of those miles on a very hot + humid day = DONE!!

Run: 26 miles

Morning hill repeats with Basil!! Basil got compliments on her glow-in-the-dark collar this morning. Sad we are losing daylight, but grateful for the cooler temps so my running buddy can join me!!
Happy Friday!! Running in the mist with Robin was a great way to start the day!!
#sundayrunday was 16 soggy + gross miles thanks to the 72*F dew point!! Thanks for running 5 of those miles with me Robin!!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength daily  

Weekly Totals: 16 hours & 22 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Back to life. Back to reality.” ~Soul II Soul

Attitude of Gratitude:

Hanging with some colleagues…back to work!
Today was my 15th first day of teaching!!
I have the best Coeur Sports teammates!! Thank you Ruth!!
Grateful for recovery in my Normatec Recovery boots!!

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?! Any tips for reestablishing routines after a vacation?!

2 thoughts on “7 weeks ’til #IMLou – back to reality

  1. Running pictures in the dark–winter is coming!! Our teachers went back today-the weather is absolutely horrible here, so perhaps that made it a bit easier for them? Good luck on your final weeks of IM training!

    1. Thanks Amy! Yes…sadly winter is coming. I love all of the seasons, but I’m definitely not a fan of less daylight!! It is miserable hot + humid here, so it doesn’t feel like we should be back in school, but rather at the swimming pool. Some schools had an early dismissal today because of the heat + humidity if they don’t have a/c in the building. It’s pretty gross here right now.

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