What’s Up?! – November 2018

How is it possible that we are less than one month away from 2019?! I think time moves faster the older I get, but I must say that November was the LONGEST month I’ve had in quite some time! Here is a small snapshot of what I was up to last month!!


Putting in the work with my fave by my side!!
Spending more time on the bike with my fave now that we are training for the same races in 2019!!
Running on the golf course now that it is closed for winter!!

Swim: 17,400 yards (9.89 miles)
Bike: 139 miles
Run: 44.9 miles
Monthly Totals: 31 hours & 3 minutes

Dreaming of:

A white Christmas!! I want SNOW!! I love to go out and play in the snow, but sadly we have none…not even one measly flake. Mother Nature has blessed many other locations around us with snow, but none here. I’m ready for lots of snow so I can go snowshoeing with the family, run through the fresh stuff and be the first one to leave tracks, and go sledding with my nieces at Christmas!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Listening to:

Michelle Bandur is not only an AMAZING friend and Coeur Sports sister, but she is a PHENOMENAL person! Listen to her story about how she turned a dollar into a triathlon club for young girls in her community. I guarantee…you won’t be disappointed!!

Ellen Wexler is also an AMAZING friend and Coeur Sports sister!! This woman is so inspirational, determined, and full of grit + tenacity!! You definitely are going to want to listen to her story!! She has overcome many obstacles in her path to find happiness + joy!! #fuckcancer!!

Planning for:

2019!! I am SUPER excited to chase some BIG GOALS in 2019!! Thanks to the help of Coach Kelly, we have a plan in place to help me achieve my goals. I’m so grateful to have her as my compass pointing me in the “right direction” as I continue on the yellow (or blue if I’m in the pool) brick road toward my dreams in endurance sport!!

Grateful for:

The Coeur Sports 2019 ambassador team…I’m SO grateful to be representing the BEST brand + sisterhood in endurance sport!!
Grateful to have my mother-in-law visit us!!
When you FINALLY see yourself on the side of the city bus when it is stopped!!
So thankful to have this guy by my side in life!!
So grateful that we got to meet up with framily over Thanksgiving break!!

How was your month of November?! What were you grateful for last month?! 


2 thoughts on “What’s Up?! – November 2018

  1. That bus picture is the BEST! I wish I could share some of our snow with you…we’ve had it on and off since September and now we have a pile that is here to stay. It is pretty, but I miss summer already.

    My November has been so busy-I’m in the classroom constantly at the middle school now and it’s so fun…and loud 😉

    1. I’d LOVE to take some of that snow from you!! We have cold temps, but sadly no white stuff to go with it!!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying being in the classroom! And yes…it is a pretty loud place. 😜

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