2019 Mantras

Mantras can be used in so many areas of your life to help guide you and your focus. In the past, I have used mantras during training and racing more than at work, in relationships, and everyday life. “Man” means mind and “tra” means vehicle or transport. So a mantra is an instrument of the mind that helps you access heightened levels of awareness. For me, awareness refers to the ability to pay attention to the choices I make, and recognize when something isn’t working so I can change it. Mantras can help bring me back to the present state of mind I am desiring.

Last year I used “courage over comfort” in nearly every workout and it served me VERY well. This year, I decided to expand my use of mantras to include not only training, but also at work, in my relationships, and in my everyday life. I have a list of mantras that I’ve been using at different times so far in 2019. These mantras have been serving me well and I’m excited to see how they help me stay focused and in the present state of mind that I am desiring in that moment.

“Sail the seas”

“Uncage your inner beast”

“Uncage the magic”

“Be the magic”

“Face your fears”

“Find your power”

“Be the seahorse”

“Strength and power”

“Long, strong, pull” – this one is swim specific

What mantras do you use to bring you back to the present state of mind you are desiring?

4 thoughts on “2019 Mantras

  1. I try:
    light & free
    you got this
    you’re okay

    While mantras are good.. i have learned just because I’m telling myself “light and free” doesn’t mean I’m actually acting light and free, per my Madison Marathon when I was running 8:45s in the first half! Still searching for that good, controlled balance of pushing myself just enough, but not too far that I blow up in the later miles.

    1. These are great!! I’d add FSU to your list (and now mine) as well!! 😘

      Yes, finding mantras that fit your desired state is sometimes hard, but one will come to you!! Maybe “be in control” or “stay in control” might help with the pacing.

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