Coaches Expectations

I recently received feedback from Coach Kelly on a couple of workouts that I’ve completed. They got me thinking about what I think her expectations are of me as an athlete. As athletes, we have expectations of our coaches, so wouldn’t it be true that our coaches have expectations of us as athletes?! I believe our coaches have expectations of us as athletes. I believe the following are some of Coach Kelly’s expectations of me.

  1. Communicate openly and honestly with her. I am paying her to help me. If I hold things back from her, I limit the amount of help she can provide me and limit my own success.
  2. Be open and responsive to feedback. I hired her to help me get stronger and improve my fitness. I want her feedback and I am grateful when she helps me reframe my mindset to be more positive and realistic.
  3. Be realistic about the time that I have to commit to training. Keeping her informed from week to week of engagements and appointments so that I can minimize my stress + maximize my success is key. With my career changing, I may find that my work hours change a bit as well, so being realistic with the amount of time I have to train and the time of day that I can do so will also be key.
  4. Stay healthy; this does not only mean staying injury free, but also remaining healthy mentally. Fueling my body with healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep so it is ready for the next session, and getting massages + ART as needed are key in staying physically + mentally healthy.
  5. Be engaged and focused during my training sessions. The mind will wander…that’s a given, but when I notice the mind has wandered, pull it back to the task at hand and keep the focus.
  6. Adjust to adversity…life isn’t always full of rainbows and unicorns. There are challenges that we have to face. As an athlete, it is important to face adversity head on, problem solve, and make adjustments on the fly to make the challenging situation as easy as possible. How can I get past this struggle?!
  7. Believe in myself…know that I won’t hit every target that is set. Having targets to chase is how I will get stronger and become a better athlete. Even when I don’t hit the targets, believe that I will one day and keep fighting with everything I have in me.
  8. Trust my coach…if I go into workouts questioning why I’m doing this workout or doubting what she has put in place to help me be successful, I will not be successful. It is just as important for me to believe in my coach as it is to believe in myself!
  9. Do and be my best! Not just in training and racing, but in life. Be a positive ambassador for the sport. If it isn’t my day, that’s ok. I can still be positive, encouraging, and uplifting for others around me. Knowing I gave the best I had for that day.
  10. Have fun! If we aren’t having fun, what is the point of training and racing?! Fun should always be the top reason for doing what we love!!
Coach Kelly really cares about her athletes and I am SO grateful to have her in my village guiding, supporting, and encouraging me on my journey to becoming the best triathlete + person I can be!!

Am I missing any expectations that you think a coach might have for their athlete?! If so, what are they?

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