Work Works!!

Monday morning I had the swim of my life!! I’ve been working so hard for years and all of my hard work is paying off!! Seriously!! For the main set, I had 5×100 ALL OUT EFFORT with 4 minutes of recovery between intervals. The last time I did this swim, my times were 1:31-1:33/100 yards, so my goal was to break 1:30/100 yards for most of them. I didn’t know if it was possible, but I was going to do my best to give it a go!!

After my first 100 yards, I was STOKED!! Not only was I sub 1:30/100 yards, but I was more than a couple of seconds under. BOOM!! Let’s keep this momentum going!! 4 minutes rest and my second one was even faster!! WHAT?! Who am I?! Have I grown gills and fins?! 4 minutes rest and consistency…same time as my 2nd interval. I’m good with that!! 4 minutes rest and BOOM…5 seconds faster than the 1:30/100 yard goal!! WHAT?! I must be in someone else’s body this morning!! 4 minutes rest and let’s do this last one. SOLID!!

My 5×100 yard splits

I am super pleased with this swim. Not because I surpassed my wildest expectations. Not because I had super fast (for me) swim times. Not because I fought hard for every second. Not because I stayed physically strong throughout this swim. Not because I was efficient in the water. Not because I was determined and disciplined during this swim. Not because I was focused mentally throughout this swim.

I am super pleased with this swim BECAUSE I never gave up!! I have been consistently showing up and working SO HARD to get to this point. My first 100 yard time trial effort in January of 2010 was 1:57/100 yards and in reading my notes about that swim, it was SUCH a struggle to achieve. I could have settled with the 1:57/100 yard pace and continued to swim at this *fast* speed for the next 9+ years; instead I decided to work hard and push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve great things. Consistently show up!! Never give up!! Work works!!

Accomplishing this goal has not been a solo endeavor.

  • Thank you to the Iron Hippie for always believing in me, always pushing me to be the best I can be, and being my rock. ❤
  • Thank you to Coach Kelly for believing in me, challenging me, and building a program that has allowed me to get stronger and faster.
  • Thank you to my parents for teaching me to chase my dreams, that hard work pays off, and always supporting me no matter what! ❤
  • Thank you to my Coeur teammates for your motivation, inspiration, support, and encouragement to always strive for the best from myself.

** Special thanks to Steena for the title of this post!!

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