favorite bike ride

One of my favorite bike rides is along the Iowa/Minnesota boarder in NW Iowa/SW Minnesota. I don’t get to ride here often because we can only do this ride from my parents house. Thankfully I got to squeeze in this joy filled ride into a busy weekend recently. What do I ❤ about this route?

  • I get to ride in Iowa and Minnesota + one of the roads is on the boarder, so when I ride this with my fave, one of us can be in Iowa and the other in Minnesota at the same time 🙂
  • There is not a lot of traffic on the roads, so I feel safe
  • The road surfaces are in good condition
  • I get to ride by lakes…I ❤ the water 🙂
  • The terrain is rolling, so it provides a good challenge
  • I always seem to smile and giggle for this entire ride, no matter how much headwind I’m fighting (and it is usually very windy)
Riding on the Iowa/Minnesota border. The lake to my left is in Iowa. The lake to my right is in Minnesota. Love this route!

Do you have a favorite bike route? If so, what do you ❤ about it?

2 thoughts on “favorite bike ride

  1. That sounds like an amazing place to ride! Though there is traffic noise, the Legacy Trail from Canmore to Banff, Alberta has the most gorgeous views 🙂

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