Inaugural Ames Triathlon

June 30, 2019 was the inaugural Ames Triathlon. I was not able to race it as I was part of the team of people who made this event the success that it was. The cliff notes version:

  • We had 302 registered athletes
  • We had a PC friendly course
  • The high heat index was 105*F when the last finisher crossed the finish line at about 10:30 am
  • Zero penalties due to not following the rules
  • Zero disqualifications
  • Only one athlete needed medical assistance from the medics on site (he was throwing up in the water, but finished the swim)
  • We’ve had so many positive comments about the race
  • We have some suggestions for how to make it better for next year
  • We are SUPER excited to have this race in Ames and are already planning for next year…fingers crossed, we get approval at the Parks and Rec Commission meeting in August!
Waiting to start!
And they are off!
Three Cheers to Allen Bierbaum and Dr. Chris Feil for helping one of our para-athletes in and out of the water at the Ames Triathlon!!
Michelle is crushing the run on this hot, Hot, HOT day!!
We had a great day at the Ames Triathlon and couldn’t have done it without all of you…the athletes, volunteers, spectators, other race directors, sponsors, partners, medical support, photographers…YOU!!

7 thoughts on “Inaugural Ames Triathlon

  1. Wow…putting on a triathlon is hard work-well done!! I’m so happy that it was a success. Yes-that logo is fantastic! Congratulations 😀

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Your team did an outstanding job, I saw nothing but happy posts about this event! I hope it continues to see success and growth in years to come! Hope to squeeze it into my training too!

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