Random running thoughts

Saturday the plan was to ride for 60-80 miles with the Iron Hippie, but with rain on the radar to the west, we decided to wait and ride on Sunday with the potential for better weather. So, Basil and I went out for a run instead of the bike ride. The Iron Hippie asked me how long we would be gone, to which I responded, “I don’t know, but I’ll keep you posted of our progress.” When we set out for our run, my only goals were to enjoy the run, have fun, and do some soul searching. So here are my random running thoughts from Saturday:

  • I’m going to start by running 3 miles and see how I feel and then evaluate my next move.
  • I have really missed running with no agenda (no targets to hit, no distance to run, no time goal, no pressure, etc.)!
  • I REALLY DO love to run!
  • This run is filling me with joy!
  • Look at this dog…she LOVES to run!! She’s so happy!! She makes me happy!!
  • Oh, rain…guess we are going to get a little wet.
  • Basil is SO focused when we run. She doesn’t get distracted by other runners, other dogs, other smells…oh wait…there is a squirrel. So much for that focus! That is one of the two things (rabbits are the other) that can distract her during a run.
  • Oh, the rain stopped. Guess we aren’t going to get that wet after all.
  • That was a fun and easy feeling 3 miles. Let’s go down into the park and run on the trail around the lake.
  • I like having races to train for. I know I’m signed up for the Ironman Des Moines 70.3, but that is SO far away. I think I might sign up for the Hillbilly Hike in early November to have a goal on the calendar.
  • I love not focusing on results but rather on the joy running (+ biking + swimming + yoga) brings me.
  • This is so much fun!
  • When I get to do it my way, I really enjoy the process.
  • Those yellow flowers are beautiful!
  • Look how calm the lake is.
  • I haven’t looked at my Garmin one time and it has been so refreshing.
  • I definitely don’t want my life to revolve around my training schedule.
  • This feels so good!
  • Oh, more rain…maybe we’ll get more wet than last time.
  • “Thanks for running with me Basil!”
  • That hill didn’t even really hurt like I thought it would.
  • Uh oh…I think that was thunder. “Basil, it’s ok” (she HATES thunder).
  • I can’t stop smiling.
  • Doing it my way is the best way.
  • I like the flexibility of self coaching. I’m able to change things around and go run instead of ride today. It is so refreshing.
  • I think I REALLY do want to do another Ironman centered around joy, fun, and happiness. No idea when, but someday.
  • Yep, that was thunder. “Basil we are almost home.”
  • It is ok to rely on exercise as a coping mechanism. I love exercise, so I’m ok with that.
  • It is good to stop being so hard on yourself. So you don’t do the workout that was planned. You can do that another day. So you don’t hit the targets you were aiming for. You can do that another day. You are a work in progress and there is nothing wrong with that!
  • I’m feeling so happy right now. I love endorphins!
  • Stay in the moment and give your best in this moment.
  • Oh look…there is the Iron Hippie. He came to pick us up. “Thank you! Basil hasn’t been a fan of the thunder.”
  • That was a great 9 miles for not being sure how long I’d be gone when I left the house!
  • I REALLY needed this run!
  • I am grateful for the time to think and process my thoughts while I swim/bike/run.
  • I feel so FREE!
  • That was so much fun!
  • My heart is full of joy and happiness!
I’m so grateful to have lots of time with my favorite girl to think and process my thoughts. She’s such a good listener!

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