Laughter in Louisville

IRONMAN Louisville was last Sunday and earlier in the year, I had committed to racing it. With the roller coaster ride of life this year, I decided after IRONMAN Lake Placid that I would not be racing Louisville this year. In the last few weeks, I have been second guessing my decision…torn between knowing what is best for me in this moment and leaning into my heart’s desire to race. It was probably a good idea that we didn’t take our bikes to Louisville.

We decided to go to Louisville and experience IRONMAN from a completely new perspective (to us). This would be the first race day that were not participating or volunteering rather spectating and cheering on the athletes who were racing. We got to spend the weekend enjoying the company of friends, meeting new friends, and experiencing Louisville completely differently than we did last year. This weekend was exactly what I needed. It brought me insight, perspective, clarity, peace, joy, fun, and more laughter than I can remember experiencing in one weekend…possibly ever.

With the cancelled swim, we made it to the watch a bit of the time trial bike start before heading out to LaGrange where we set up a party on hill as the athletes enter town. We cheered and spectated there for nearly 4 hours before heading back to Louisville to cheer and spectate on the run course.

This is what my weekend in Louisville looked like:

Morning sunrise on our way to Lou. #nofilter
Morning sunrise on our way to Lou. #nofilter
Morning sunrise on our way to Lou. #nofilter
Swimming in Lou when we arrived.
Meeting up with my girlfriend + Coeur Sports teammate, Erika.
I’m a sucker for puppies! I so wanted to bring this sweet pea home!
Getting photo bombed by Rob.
The boys watching the fireworks on our way to dinner.
Dinner + SO MUCH LAUGHTER with this crew.
Love this girl so much!
Volunteer crew at registration on Friday morning.
Turning social media friends into real friends! So awesome to meet Kristen in person!
Helping our Coeur Sports sister, Mikki, wrap up registration.
Helping our Coeur Sports sister, Kristin, wrap up registration.
The swim is cancelled due to 8x toxic levels of blue green algae in the river. Let’s go tour bourbon distilleries.
Thank you Erika for my matching bracelet!! Love you girl!!
Autumn in Bardstown with Erika!!
Bourbon stop #2 in Bardstown!
Three peas in a pod!!
Old school video gaming
Staying up WAY too late, but totally worth every minute!
Rob is off on the bike!!
Cheering on athletes as they arrive in LaGrange!
Cheer squad!
Go Kristen GOOOOO!!! Keep MOOOVING forward!!
These two…
Cheering our hearts out!!
Meeting up with our Coeur Sports sister, Erin, on the bike course!
Deciding where to go eat lunch.
Cheering with my fave!
Our outfits got lots of laughs and cheers from the athletes!
More cow bell?! You got it!
Go Rob GOOOO!!! Keep MOOOVING forward!!
Kristin running strong!
Rob heading out for the marathon!
Mikki heading out for the marathon!
Rob getting chased by my fave in his second costume of the day.
Looking strong Mikki!
Way to go Kim!
Keep going Kristen! Congratulations on your 3rd place overall, 1st place AG, and Kona qualification!
Happy birthday Kristin!
Nick crushing it!
Photo bombing Erika and Rob!
Encouraging Kristin to finish strong! Congrats on your 1st place AG and Kona qualification!
So proud of you Rob! You had a fantastic day! Congrats!
Rob and his cheer squad!
When you dump ice at 11 pm and it is still there at 8:30 am because the overnight temps weren’t warm enough to melt it…

Louisville (and friends) thanks for all of the memories and laughter!

12 thoughts on “Laughter in Louisville

  1. What a fun and beautiful weekend! Glad you got to enjoy it. The cow costume is udderly fantastic, I bet it was warm too! Know that you put a lot of smiles on faces and enhanced their race by being there.

    1. So fun! The cow costume was much warmer than what Tim wore! We were at a great place to boost moral coming off of some pretty quiet roads (for lack of spectators) and got lots of smiles and fun comments from participants.

  2. So glad you had a great experience in Louisville! I have spectated that race twice and it is really a fun race to spectate! I totally understand your comment on second guessing yourself about not racing. But if your heart and your head were not where they needed to be after LP, then your training cycle for Lou would not have been what you needed. You made the right decision and you have been enjoying all your training lately because it has been on your terms.

    1. Yes, Lou is a fun race to spectate. Thanks Lee for reaffirming my decision! You are 100% correct! I did need this break to get my head and heart back on the same wavelength and reconnecting with the joy of training again. Dong it my way has been so good for me. 💙💛

  3. Spectating and not working at a race is so much fun! I think it’s completely natural to second guess yourself, but I’m that you enjoyed cheering on folks and doing some touristy things 🙂

    That’s crazy about the algae levels for the swim-I saw the time trial start on Erin’s instagram, but never got around to looking up why the swim was cancelled.

    1. It was a fun-filled weekend! Yes, that much algae is crazy, but they had a month of no rain and very high temps, which made it so toxic. They cancelled the swim on Friday, which was nice so the athletes had a couple of days to mentally prepare.

    1. It was a lot of fun! Definitely something to add to your already crazy busy schedule!

      Congrats on your IMNC70.3 race! You crushed it girl! So fun to cheer you on virtually! 💪🏻

      1. Thank you! And I 100% would plan on this race for next year, BUT, my son is going to be a senior and I promised him I wouldn’t miss anything. It will depend on his schedule but if I can make it work, I will, even if just the relay!

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