step out of the box

The other day while I was swimming, I noticed I was surround by “boxes.” There were “boxes” on the pool floor, the walls of the facility were made of blocks, the windows were “boxes,” the tiles on floor of the facility, and I realized that the pool itself is in fact a box. It triggered the thought about the boxes we put ourselves in. The confinement of these boxes. The creativity these boxes stifle. The repetition that these boxes often reinforce.

Boxes on the pool floor

Are you in a box? Do you like the box you’re in? Who put you in this box? Do you want to stay in this box? Do you feel stuck in this box? What if the box has a hole in it? What if the box doesn’t fit? What if the box gets turned upside down? What if the box becomes a new color? What if the box becomes a different shape? What if we actually need 100 boxes? Or 1000 boxes? What if there was no box?

“INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein

Problems can’t be solved and changes can’t be made if you’re too tied to what has been done in the past or to what you think other people expect you to do. Past experiences can teach us a lot! It is good to reflect on these experiences. Self reflection can be tough. It requires us to FACE our flaws, OWN them, and put in WORK to change them. It isn’t always fun, but when you put in the work and ditch the box you’re stuck in is freeing and opens the doors to so many new possibilities.

What other ways are there to solve the problem? Sure…some of these ways may seem REALLY far fetched in the moment, but what if these far fetched ways work just was well? What if they work even better than what you have been doing? If you’re afraid to step too far away from what’s been done, you may never truly know the masterpiece you can create and the freedom you could feel.

Take a leap! Step completely outside of what is expected. Step outside of the box you’ve been in. Flip the box upside down. Poke a hole in the box to let new light in. Get a bigger box with more compartments and room for growth. Paint your box a new, bold color. Rework the box so it is a new shape. Spread yourself out amongst many boxes. Or remove all of the boxes completely and experience freedom as you create your masterpiece. Now is the time to do something different. Now is the time to create change. Now is the time to create your masterpiece!

“I hate the thought of her being forced into a box that doesn’t fit her. Of having her wings cut off, her sight blinded, her hearing muted, her voice stilled.” ~Charles de Lint

I’ve decided to step out of the box I’ve been in and experiment with self coaching in 2020. I’m excited to try new things knowing that some of these things may not work for me, while other things may be the best thing ever for me! Bring on the thinking outside of the box, the experimentation, the trial and error, the learning, the growing, the freedom and control to do it my way, and the excitement with trying something new!

6 thoughts on “step out of the box

  1. Great post!! I hope you experience a lot of joy in whatever events you decide to do in 2020-have you chosen any yet? I’m still trying to decide on a goal or trip or whatever for 2020…hmmmm…

    1. Thanks girl!! 2020 will be a great year…full of fun, joy, gratitude, and lots of living!! My schedule is pretty much set and Iโ€™m really excited about it!! Thereโ€™s a fire back in my belly that has been missing for a while. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’› I hope whatever goal or trip you decide on lights a fire in your belly and fills you with joy!!

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