living my truth update

If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll know that I have made the decision to “choose me” and live my truth. By choosing me, I am actually choosing US, and I’m so grateful to have the Iron Hippie on this roller coaster ride with me. Here is a quick update on where I’m at.

I love getting to ride with my fave!! Life is a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs! I’m so grateful to have my fave by my side! Instead of screaming throughout the ride, he throws his hands in the air and enjoys the ride!

TRUTH: I REALLY DO LOVE to swim/bike/run! My heart speaks swim/bike/run! It brings me calm. It brings me joy. It builds self confidence. It often teaches me something new. It breeds discipline. It connects me with others. It forces me to be more courageous. It allows me the freedom to mess up & still end up ok. It provides me an outlet. It makes me stronger – physically & mentally. It fills me with gratitude. It helps me be the best version of myself. I can’t imagine my life without swim/bike/run! Here are some of my truths:

  • I am a social introvert. Generally, I like to socialize with others while I workout. Socializing while working out fills me up and brings me joy because I get to connect with such great people in amazing communities. Don’t get me wrong, there are times a good solo workout is exactly what I need and crave…hence the introvert. The introvert is more present in the day to day activities when I hunker down at home, recover, gear up for the coming day/week, and jumpstart my batteries.
  • I love playing and feeling like a fish gliding through the water! Splashing around, making mud pies, dunking a friend, doing hand stands and somersaults in the water…hello childhood! ❀

    Truth: I REALLY do LOVE swimming! I love playing and feeling like a fish gliding through the water. I am a Pisces after all!
  • I love the open roads, the wind in my face, the sun on my back, and the freedom I feel when I am on two wheels…I love it even more when I GET to ride with others!! The occasional red wing black bird that dive bombs my helmet also brings me joy…it is good interval training. πŸ˜‰

    Truth: During my outdoor rides this fall, I have come to realize just how much I REALLY do LOVE to ride my bicycle when I do it my way. I love the open roads, the wind in my face, the sun on my back, and the freedom I feel! Riding with others is a bonus! FYI…I am in Minnesota and my fave is in Iowa in this picture.
  • I love running, but I love it even more with friends! Bonus = running with Basil! She knows how to have fun and bring a smile to my face! It’s hard not to smile when I watch her run. πŸ™‚
Truth: I ran 6 miles this morning…3 solo miles followed by 3 miles with Robin. I REALLY do LOVE running, but I love it even more with friends! I love the early morning sunrises, the fresh air, the girl talk, the community, the sounds of feet hitting the pavement, sweating together, and of course the hugs at the end!
  • I love being on the water!! It takes me back to my childhood. I love to SUP, canoe, kayak, water ski, tube, boat, anything that involves being on the water. The water is in my blood! πŸ™‚

    Truth: I REALLY do LOVE being on the water! I love the core challenge + arm workout water sports provide, soaking up the vitamin D, connecting with nature, the fresh air, and the freedom! It is something I definitely need to do more frequently!!
  • I love yoga! I love the community, the mindfulness, the focus, and the feeling of accomplishment + calm after a yoga session.

    Truth: I love spending time on my mat, creating space, reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and working to improve my flexibility.
  • I love to be outside during all seasons! I love the fresh air, the calming sounds of nature, the various temperatures and humidity levels, the calm, the quiet, and the peace that comes with outdoor adventures.
Truth: I REALLY do LOVE being outside in all seasons! Snowshoeing adventures with my fam is one of my favorite winter activities!
  • Boxes aren’t for everyone. I’ve decided to step out of the box I’ve been in and experiment with self coaching in 2020. I’m excited to try new things knowing that some of these things may not work for me, while other things may be the best thing ever for me! Bring on the thinking outside of the box, the experimentation, the trial and error, the freedom and control to do it my way, and the excitement with trying something new!
  • I dream of one day…believing in myself so deeply that I open locked doors without the keys and inspire others to do the same on whatever journey they are on!!

Are you living your truth?! Are you being true to what YOU TRULY feel, what YOU really WANT to do, who YOU REALLY are, and what YOU DEFINITELY dream for yourself?! Are you choosing YOU?!

6 thoughts on “living my truth update

  1. What an inspiring post to wake up to this morning! I’ve been offline for a couple of days πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad that you still love to swim, bike, and run-giving it a different approach this year will be exciting. Let us know how the Wahoo trainer is going-those look amazing.

    1. Thanks girl! It is going to be a refreshing approach to 2020! I haven’t even set up the Wahoo yet. This week has been a bit crazy! With it arriving Monday and my days crammed full, I’ll get it set up this weekend. I’m definitely looking forward to doing some Zwift rides and getting stronger on the bike!

  2. all the pictures on this post make me miss summer and triathlon season!
    Excited to see you push boundaries and explore tri life freedom next season!

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